Timeless Wisdom

Timeless Wisdom

Wow, Jimi came out of nowhere there. He’s like the Batman of commenting on Nate’s love life.


Nate: I, uh, guess that would be okay?
Miranda: Great!

Miranda: So the fair’s in town. I’ve never been before, if you can believe that, and I think it would be fun. Want to meet me at the gate tonight at 7?
Nate: S..Sure.

Miranda: No excuses, okay? Or at least freaking call me if you suddenly develop one!

Jimi: My Pops had some words of wisdom for a time like this. “You done fucked up, son.”

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  1. I love it when you can hear an accent in a piece of text.

  2. Dr. wonderful says:

    …That the same damn thing my mom says. O_o

    Is Jimi and I related!?

    Anyway, I can’t see how Nate messed up, will some kind person tells me.

    • Nick Wright says:

      I’m sure Jimi will have more to say on the matter on Friday…

    • Gentrash says:

      Nick may go another way of course…but I would not say that he messed up, rather that he stepped into shit without realizing it.

      In my eyes either his fuck buddy will show up at the fair if she caches wind of this, or all of the girl’s( judgemental) friends & family will be with her for this “non-date”.

      • Solcyn says:

        Why the hell would a fuck buddy care if your out with another girl?? Isnt that the point of her just being a “fuck” buddy…damn hoes

        • Robin says:

          Because that might mean no more fucking for her? Wouldn’t you be upset at the prospect of no more hawt freezer sex? Also what about feelings? What if fuck buddy’s got feelings? Don’t just label women as “damn hoes” and call them irrational.

    • Felonius says:

      Your mom is Jimi’s dad? That’s… unusual.

  3. She seems nice. I hope he isn’t a dick to her.

    I am sort of wondering how he fucked up though. Is it because he didn’t call and doing so put him in the friends zone?

    • Pat says:

      Not calling puts you in the friend zone?

      Na, not calling either puts you in the “what a jerk, I wont talk to him again” zone or in the “I can’t believe he ignored me, now I have to have him” zone. Looks like Nate is heading for the later.

      I guess the “fucked up” comment is more about that he should never have accepted that date (and a date it is) if he isn’t interested in a relationship.

  4. Boomer Gonzales says:

    Batman or no; the boy speaks truths.

    I would call Nate’s love life the “Unwanted Harem” trope, but he’s either pushing ’em away, leading them on, or who knows what else.

  5. Anony says:

    I know this is wrong…but I feel that I HAVE to say it…

    He’s not Batman, he’s Blackman!!!

  6. RotSman says:

    Have you ever considered taking a Nate/Rose break and doing an arc or two with just the supporting characters? You have a really strong supporting cast that’s always getting crowded out! ^_^

  7. Bubbaclaw says:

    Nick that was priceless. I just have the feeling what Jimi was saying is, “When she finds out you skipped your date with her to fuck a skank like Tracy you’re in deep shit.” Followed by, “I caught your act with Tracy when I reviewed the security tapes.”

  8. Jamming says:

    Couldn’t Nate just one time do something right? I mean after that I will be quiet about it, never bring up how much a dirtbag he is.

  9. Krynn says:

    I think what actually happened is, Miranda just wanted someone to chill out with, no strings, nothing at all sexual (she seems the type to do so).

    The comment about him having ‘done fucked up’ would be in regards his blundering save on the “I never said a date, I just want to hang out – oh, okay, that sounds cool! *awkward grin*”

  10. Jax says:

    Where’s Purvous when you need him?

  11. Rev says:

    holy shit.
    Seriously, holy shit.
    I worked for a food “baron” for years and when i started dating one of the cashiers we had this EXACT conversation before our first not-a-date. right down to the “never been before, if you can believe that” about the fair.
    I know you started this comic back in ’03, were you following my sad ass around back then?

  12. Ginger says:

    I’m picturing Tracy watching this all on a monitor in the security office and laughing maniacally while steepling her fingers, like the Moonraker, or Cobra Commander.

  13. Piccoroz says:

    “So the fair’s in town” plus “such a gentlemantly offer. Don’t you ever want to do anything else?”…. I think thing are gonna get interesting in that fair.

  14. Eric says:

    “Fucked up”? Nah. Just the usual; people on different wavelengths. At least she is being up front about it.

    Sometimes friends can evolve. But probably not. Most people don’t function that way, once friends the notion of more is just too weird for them – “Have sex with you? But I KNOW you!”

    No its not logical, humans don’t tend to be.

  15. OverlordLaharl79 says:

    Yeah… sometimes when you have a girl for a friend, she should “STAY” in that friend zone… sometimes relationships work when you start dating your friend, sometimes they don’t; and you never know if things are ever going to be the same after the break-up(like in my case).

  16. BMeph says:

    He’s like Superman, he knows when he’s needed!

    (Holler if you got the reference… ;)

  17. Chris says:

    Jimi is very pithy. And yet, if Nate befriends Miranda, maybe she can match him up with one of her friends. She doesn’t seem like a loner. Oh, by the way, I hope they have lots of fun at the fair. There’s a rumor going around that the clowns are the most fun.

  18. T-Cat says:

    I miss Purvous.

  19. kitenkaiba says:

    He’s fucked up because

    .1 She is a nice girl and he could possibly have had a decent relationship but he chose to serve his dick instead.

    .2 It would be too easy for Tracy to screw him over with, she obviously likes control and is clearly distasteful towards there ‘friendship’.

  20. Logan5 says:

    You might want to add Miranda to the cast list.
    Just a suggestion.

  21. Hail to the King says:

    why do i imagined the voice of carla from scrubs when when i read Miranda’s text and why does it works

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