Good Measure (NSFW)

Good Measure (NSFW)

Such firm resolve.

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Present Day

Tracy: Would friends with benefits really have been so bad? Did you really have to quit here and run back to Kentucky for two years?
Nate: All that time and you still don’t fucking get it.

Tracy: Well, where does that put us now, then?
Nate: Nowhere. I’m working on something here. As far as I’m concerned this was a one-time thing.


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  1. It’s still one time if you consider the weekend a rest break.

  2. Mike says:

    I have to say, I’m loving the comic more and more. The art style, the drama, the tits. Keep up the good work man. On a side note, are you planning on going to any cons this coming year? Maybe C2E2? Maybe?

    • Nick Wright says:

      Thanks Mike! (“The art style, the drama, the tits.” That’s almost a tagline!)

      I don’t have any solid plans for them, but it’s a possibility. I’d have to have some merchandise I could take with me to justify renting a table.

      Unless some lovely con-runners want to invite me for a panel or something…

  3. Andrew K says:

    You’re right, his resolve is truly admirable XD I swear, our dear main characters need to stop taking their stupid pills and find stable relations, even if they aren’t with each other. But it makes for a great story, so I guess it evens out.

    • bob says:

      I don’t know about that.
      I can’t figure out why people have such a strong stigma against friends with benefits.
      Seriously speaking, I’d keep her around if I had no one else for the benefits part and if I find something better I just say I am done with the friend with benefits and move on to the relationship.

      • Pink Freud says:

        To paraphrase one of the oldest geek mantras, I have no issues with Friends with benefits, however, I would not Boldly go where Oh so many have gone before. (Not even For (and more importantly with) Sparta)…This one is a true Double-Bagger

      • Emmezali says:

        “I’d keep her around if I had no one else for the benefits part and if I find something better I just say I am done with the friend with benefits and move on to the relationship.”

        That’s whay I did too. Only it was a “him”.
        Still talking to him, still nice to always have someone to fall back on once things in relationships don’t work out anymore. Maybe it won’t be necessary but always nice to have plan B.

  4. RotSman says:

    I’m just going to throw this out there…those pubes are really well done.

    • Nick Wright says:

      Thanks for having the balls to discuss the pubes! I had to decide whether that level of detail was part of my art style or not. Hopefully it was the right decision.

      • bob says:

        why not, when going NSFW go all the way it’s not like anyone allowed to see one part will not be allowed to see the other. And seriously, it is not like anyone over the age of 10 has not seen it in real life or at least in porn.

      • Eric says:


        Love it. Keep it up… er, so to speak.

  5. Bill says:

    Nate’s from Ky? which part? And since Derek was from the same high school, that makes him from Ky too.

  6. Sara E. says:

    It’s so refreshing to see pubes these days, when Brazilians and “vajazzling” are so commonplace.

  7. stormryder says:

    One thing I have learned, NEVER turn down free sex. Especially if you tagged it once before and can get it again and again.

  8. OverlordLaharl79 says:

    Don’t do it, Nate! It’s a trap! Nice pubes on Tracy, though…

  9. Kaylin says:

    The more I read this comic the more I love it! The sex scenes are expertly placed adding to the comedic irony of this strip :P

  10. BunnyRemix says:

    This was funny, but I’m still concerned about what will happen with Miranda.

    • BriGuy says:

      Well, she’ll turn into a reaver, rape him to death, eat his flesh, and sow his skin into her clothing. And if he’s very lucky, she’ll do it in that order.


      • idwth says:

        Haha, thank you so much for the firefly reference XD

        • Nick Wright says:

          The TG reader base is just crawling with Browncoats!

          Hopefully I’ll get a chance to drop a reference in the comic itself at some point.

          • G2 says:

            oh hell yes. that would be awesome :)

          • Jax says:

            Maybe you should take votes on which ones to use. I’d like to see someone fit the line “Well, you were too busy trying to get yourself set on fire. It happens” into something…

          • Michelle says:

            Yes yes yes on the Firefly references! One year was not enough for such a marvel.

            If anything can make TG better than the awesomeness it already is, it’s gratuitous Firefly references!

          • G@tor says:

            I think alot of the quotes between Mal and Inara would work quite well in this situation (i believe he even calls her a harlot at one point). I think the funniest quote in the series may be the chain of command thing from Jayne.

            Jayne: “You know what the chain of command is? It’s the chain I go get and beat you with ’til ya understand who’s in ruttin’ command here.”

          • BriGuy says:

            So I’ve spent most of the day rewatching the series. Why in the hell was it cancelled arghdfadfaasdgasfb!

            Jayne: “Time for some thrilling heroics!”

          • chumash99 says:

            “I’ll be in my bunk” should be the easiest one. ;)

          • Mnementh383 says:

            I wanna say the first Saffron episode where Jayne is talking to Mal about Vera, but I know that’s not even remotely plausible. I think was my favorite WTF the moment in the series. That and when River tells Jane she can kill him with her brain.

        • Ryuu798 says:

          Anyone know what episode that is from?

  11. Kobra says:

    The thing is at the time “friends with benefits,” isn’t quite what I would call that situation after youre saposid girl screwed you literal and figeurative, and is now above you. In that situation you are no longer friends and you would actually be her “Booty boy.”
    Again good peupes, course I always perfer a clean shaven look on the laydyes. Remember, it’s not just a good look, it’s also hygenic.

  12. Pashakitty says:

    Everyone loves an emotional train wreck as long as it isn’t their own. Poor Nate, I get the feeling that he held out for so long simply because he was in another state. He really needs to claim his balls back from the CSM bitch though, he’ll never be a proper man till he does.

  13. Ein says:

    Ah, I want so bad to just hate Tracey, but she’s got glasses, pubes, and dark hair. She’s like some kind of laser guided fetish missile.

  14. Ginger says:

    For a while there, I wondered if Tracy was going to have the urban-legend vaginal teeth as a visual metaphor, but I suppose her bark ends up being worse than her bite. *^_~*

    • Sean says:

      That’s probably the main reason she and Nate were together the first time – he’s not exactly a tame pussycat.

      Complete side note:
      I suppose it makes sense to take out the frustration with Rose somewhere, but I can only see this making him more angsty-depressed. Not all sex is good sex; at least psychologically.

      Speaking from experience, I had a gf once who did the “cheat on you then suggest Friends-with-benefits” thing, and the cheating was harmful enough that it was a complete turn-off to the idea.

    • MJSox says:

      by bark you mean queef?

  15. Bubbaclaw says:

    Nate, I’m not sure if I’m right here,but I don’t think I’ve ever seen you do pubic hair on a character in one of your strips before. Am I mistaken or is this the first time you’ve done it?

    • Nick Wright says:

      Nate can’t answer as he’s kinda fictional, so I’ll answer for him!

      Yes, this is the first time. I had to determine if that particular detail was part of my art style, or if I was going to just not depict or imply that everyone was shaven. I’ve been expanding beyond my heavily anime-influenced origins though, so it seemed to fit.

      • Bubbaclaw says:

        Sorry about that Dude I’d been up for about 23 hours when I read the strip, [it was the last thing I did before going to bed]. I meant to say Nick, but lack of sleep…Anyway, I’m glad you chose not to have every female in your strip have a ‘shaved sneaver. The whole “I MUST shave off my pubic hair”thing never meant much sense to me. On a side note, the ‘natural crotch’ is making a comeback. Yeah!’

      • Tamfang says:

        Are you saying that putting it outside the panel would imply that it’s shaven?

        (I’m not Republican but I like some bush)

  16. Big Mike says:

    Ok ok ok, This is good and all, but I am not a fan of the old bitch who broke the guys heart. Things need to work out between Nate and Rose.

    • Marianne says:

      Well, it wouldn’t be fun if we got straight to it. Things are never straightforward. We have to have the drama and all first….

  17. Blash says:

    Guess Nate still has the hots for Tracy after all this time. :D

    • BriGuy says:

      I don’t know about that. More like, he still has the hots for sex. Plus some general frustration with Rose, and a pinch of not wanting to start a new relationship that might end up hurting him further.

  18. ManwicH says:

    Honestly, it seems to me that Tracy and Nate probably have lots of unresolved feelings and should probably end up together.

  19. DruffyB says:

    Those guys are like rab…
    I SEE PUBES!!!!

    This reminds me of what I should have done a long time ago….
    see you later ladies and gentlemen….
    I’m going to shave my pubes!

  20. Avenger says:

    The slight pubes just made Tracey even hotter. Some girls just don’t look right shaved.

    • Eric says:

      I think most look wrong completely shaved – the 10 year old girl look is just not a good thing. At least if they look like a woman otherwise they can get away with it, a woman with a smaller/ slighter build (or ‘petite’) would actually look like a ten year old girl!

      Pedophilia without the risk of jail?


      On the current topic – Nate overthinks worse than me! Yeesh. Of course I don’t get women randomly striping in front of me or throwing their underwear at me like that, so I can only hope I wouldn’t completely fuck things up like Nate.

      • RotSman says:

        Some of us don’t like having pubes stuck in our teeth. Different strokes, I guess.

        • Eric says:

          I’ve heard that argument before. Having gone down on women with pubic hair, I know that to be a rare (at best) problem. A hair on the tongue is far more likely.

          Besides, shaving around the labia is a different issue from shaving the pubis mons. Shaving around the vagina itself for the purposes of aesthetics or sensitivity (the claim of reducing odour is a fallacy unless the woman doesn’t keep clean, in which case the shaving is irrelevant anyway) while leaving a triangle or ‘landing strip’ in the front removes the ‘pre-pubescent girl’ issue.

          However, the assertion that different people find different things appealing is certainly accurate.

      • CCX says:

        “Pedophilia without the risk of jail?”

        Yeah, this is usually cited as the REASON that most animated characters are drawn without pubes, especially in anime. Which is crazy, but…

  21. Lokitsu says:

    At this rate, Tracy’s pubes are going to get their own wikipedia entry.

    Awesome series Nick- keep up the good work!

    • chumash99 says:

      I hear that some women have to have at least a little pubic hair; shaving completely itches or something. BTW, I will never ever bring this up with a woman except at gunpoint. ;)

      Anyway, Nate & Tracy resume their lovey-dovey affair. I can’t wait to see the end of this train wreck. :)

  22. Dave says:

    I am relatively new to read this webcomic, but I must say that I enjoy it very much. :)Nice story arcs, great art style, keep up the good work! ^_^

  23. Shawn says:

    Would have been nice to know about the free shipping coupon this weekend! I just bought 3 shirts…doh! Meh, oh well I still enjoy the strip so I’ll let it slide this time ;P

  24. Jake says:

    The whole “friends with benefits” thing is so 2005.

    Now “enemies with benefits”, that is a feat to be respected.

  25. Wes says:

    Wow. Pubic hair on a chick meant so much more before I had been married a decade. Still, thank you for making me remember AD 1999.

  26. Mark says:

    You see, a lot of people are mistaken on the time here in my opinion.

    The clock may read 8:15 by just a glance, but if you look the hour hand is directly pointing at the line… this only happens on the exact hours… so in all reality it is not 8:15 it is 5:00. just their shenanigans have knocked the clock on its side.

    or so I’ll think in my nit-piking mind and what not.

  27. AxiomaticRanger says:

    Of course it’s a one time thing, Nate! Every time you sink the pink it’s a one time thing.
    I mean, if it weren’t, then how the hell would anyone get off??
    … Just don’t go making the mistake of actually thinking you have a relationship with the LGFM.

  28. BriGuy says:

    Clearly Nick, the popularity of your comic is directly proportional to the amount of pubic hair you draw. I fear for the future horrors to come. D:

  29. Ray says:

    Lol a one time thing only u say, lets see if we can find a loophole for you Nate, oh i got it! We can say that… no that won’t work, and they used comdoms so the “men left behind” joke i had wont work, well srry sir u are not enageged with with ur foes in a sexual relationship congradulations on ending the war!

  30. wTF!!! says:

    I saw this comin a mile away

  31. Adder says:

    Been reading the webcomic for a while now, great job on anything. Now, my thoughts on the new ah…development.

    As someone else said before, if you’re gonna go NSFW, might as well go all the way. Now, I know personally that not all women go completely smooth, in fact I’d wager that most don’t, and it’s far more common to just do some “grooming” while leaving a little behind, either due to preference of look or to reduce itchiniess. And, as they say, it’s one of the only ways to find out if that’s really her natural hair color. So good for you on including this. In all honesty, it just makes the comic a little more realistic.

  32. Amanda says:

    Will we ever see Nate’s? ^^

  33. noobchan says:

    hey nick love the story but he needs to get back with rose or have rose make her mind to get back with nate and walk in on him and whatsherface (sry i cant rember her name) but not say anything just leave then cut to her on the outside of door starting to cry then post it note i want you back love rose

  34. G.G. says:

    That last image brought back old memories, good ones. Oh the good old days when me and that girl had a list of places to have sex at. From Busses to back rooms. *happy sigh* lol

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