Accommodations (NSFW)

Accommodations (NSFW)

Many of you were first introduced to TG by a banner ad featuring Tracy in a very similar pose. Never let it be said that I don’t believe in truth in advertising!


Tracy (off-screen): Good call on using the HBA room.
Nate (off-screen): Well, I haven’t carried an emergency condom around in my wallet since I was 17, so we needed something.

Tracy: How long has it been since we did that?
Nate: About… three years now?

Tracy: You lasted a lot longer than you used to.
Nate: I have an advantage. Back then I didn’t DETEST you.

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  1. batboy267 says:

    oooooook then…….

  2. RotSman says:

    I beat the strip here!

    …and damn, I think we have to start hatin’ on Nathan or else there’s a sexist double-standard amongst TG fanboys. But, hey, I’ve always been a card-carrying Tracy supporter, so no hate for her. ^_^

    • RotSman says:

      ALSO: “Kill the messenger”…best TG line EVER.

    • Ryutso says:

      I don’t think there’d be a double standard if we hate on Rose for having copious amounts of sex all the time and Nate getting his rocks off with one girl after sticking by Rose and the inherent “vow of celibacy” he enforced on himself.

      • fancypants says:

        “Copious amounts of sex”? Rose was just as abstinent as Nate was when they were in a relationship, and the comic has shown that Rose has only had sex with Trevor ONCE. So, is there a double standard here? All signs point to YES!

        • Justme says:

          You seem to be missing some signs here:

          It was Nate, not Rose, that wanted a 2nd chance to do things right and pursued it. It was Rose, not Nate, that jumped into Mc Douchebag’s lap and tongued him for the world to see as soon as she saw Nate. While Mc Douche and Tracy are both hated individuals by the fandom, Nate and Tracy have just revealed that they had a past together, while Mc Douche is someone Rose JUST MET.

          While I’m not trying to hate on Rose, not calling her a whore, I will call her a slut. Three people before Nate and she revealed that she had come to Nate with the intention of doing him. In other words, she was willing to have sex with someone she knew nothing about. And she has again demonstrated this with teh Douche. Rose isn’t doing it for money or compensation, so she’s not a whore. But she IS a slut.

          Nate, after trying to patch things up with Rose and she f’ed it up, is perfectly within his rights to hook up with an old flame, regardless of his feelings for her. The only thing that’s a bit wrong here is he had a date with another woman when doing this.

          • G2 says:

            Right. I don’t think “Old flame” really counts in this context. That generally implies he has a soft spot for her. Which he explicitly points out that he doesn’t in the last panel.
            So I would suggest both Nate and Rose hooked up with people they have no intention of starting anything serious with.

          • Kramegame says:

            but you forget that the kiss with Mcdousche was a misunderstanding on the part of Rose, mostly because Aya didn’t fully explain why she asked Nate to meet her. Second, if i remember correctly, Rose was already on the roof when Nate first met her, and on top of that, they had talked for hours before finally coming downstairs, people have had sex with much less than that. Third, the only reason they stopped then was because Nate’s roommate had mentioned Rose’s age as they were getting naked.
            So in reality, they’re both equally sexually willing.

      • Weimann says:

        It should also be noted that according to the TVtropes page (, Rose has actually only had sex with three guys (albeit two of them at once), and she has also been totally abstinent from the moment she got together with Nate. That is hardly “copious amounts of sex all the time.”

  3. Ha! Gotta love Hate Sex…

  4. zuche says:

    I wish that hadn’t happened. Welp, here’s to where this ride takes us next.

  5. David says:

    So they used to date? Interesting.

    Also, boobies!

  6. Ryutso says:

    I also beat the banner ad here!

  7. qrsouther says:

    Directed by N. Wright Shyamalan.

  8. Anony says:

    I mind Nate bangin’ Tracy less than Rose bangin’ Trevor because I don’t hate Tracy like I hate Trevor (because he’s a douche).

  9. OutLaw Red says:

    O_O *facepalm*
    Well, we can’t exactly say it isn’t not right, considering he already made plans with deli girl… but agreed with previous comments. Nate used to go out with her, and its been three years. Rose grabbing hold of her old ways (a.k.a. the first swingin’ dick she sees) right after they break up, speaks volumes. But that means there’s a double standard?! Argh, lets just see where this goes, next strip please… and good job on the fan service!

    • Toaster says:

      Double standard? Unless Tracy is Steve or Derek’s horrid ex, sister, or something of that nature, where is it?

      I don’t speak for anyone but myself, but I wasn’t pissed with Rose for what she did, but rather who she did, and who it affected.

      • Mnementh383 says:

        Doesn’t that fact that Nate had just made a date with Melinda (or Miranda, or whatever), which he would have been on in that very moment had it not been for the scheduling confilct, not count for anything. What he did is equally douchey. And the fact that he admittedly can’t stand Tracy…

        I cry Double Standard for sure.

  10. Kaylin says:

    New guy to the comic! When I first read this I laughed so hard! (In a good way people!) I took a day off and read through the entire series up to this point, and I have to say…..I’m jealous…This comic is really good, right up there with QC :D

    Keep writin’ and keep drawing! I’ll make sure to read every new comic that comes out :D

  11. demon child says:

    seems she wants more

  12. Bill M. says:

    Dagnabit! Nate’s ruining his chances with Miranda. Tracy’s too much of a b*tch to not want to wave it in her face, and since scheduling delayed Nate and Miranda’s date, this much drama this early in their relationship is a killer. Way to go, Nate. From one sh*tpile of a relationship to another…

  13. Brendan T says:

    Not surprised by this at all. Well, them having sex. Them having been a couple and/or fuck buddies previously is news. Interesting news at that.

    I really don’t know where this is going, but damn if it isn’t engrossing.

  14. Sara E. says:

    I actually kind of expected Nate to resist, but hey, Tracy’s kind of hot.

  15. shadowgaze says:

    heh you guys forget nates a whore? he was gonna fuck rose RIGHT AWAY until he found out her age he isn’t some romantic he is a horndog like her she is just not ripe in his mind this is all expected lol next is a 3 way with Tracy and Miranda

  16. BunnyRemix says:

    Okay…uh…I hadn’t expected this turn of events…and I am completely out of things to say…so…yeah. I look forward to Monday’s page…because I really wanna know where this is gonna go, what with Miranda still in the picture and all…that’s my biggest concern. I’m jsut…flabbergasted, is all.

  17. J-Money says:


    Well played good sir… well played..

  18. surachinen says:

    i like it, the tracy banner ad is in fact the reason i came here, and i had been hoping for some tracy time for awhile now. thank you sir, now off to find more fap matter

  19. Rock says:

    *facepalms* Dammit, Nate! Oh, well. I -did- say before that I thought both Rose -and- Nate needed to grow up some more before they were ready for a real relationship. Recent events only validate that little thesis…

    This situation is practically guaranteed to have bad repercussions.

  20. Mel says:

    YES I was right! Hate sex :D

  21. Jyrki says:

    So not only is Nate treading ground. He’s repeating past mistakes in 3 year cycles. Well, it’ll be interesting to see what happens next. I don’t think Nate’s nearly enough of douchebag to call Miranda day after this. Right?

    Last longer? You would think that Nate’s so blueballed that… Never mind, he was 18 or something then.

  22. Jeri says:

    God I love how realistic this comic gets with portraying every day normal people.

    I say the double-standard here does not apply in my view(may apply to others). Both of them went without sex for months, so they were both probably about ready to fuck at the drop of a hat – I was just angry at WHO Rose fucked, that’s all.

    Nate on the other hand… I’m not as mad about, as it seems he actually has some kind of past with Tracy, which holds more significant value than Rose’s approach of: Hey, you got a cock?! ‘Mere!

    I was actually hoping for this kind of thing to happen, Nate has shown over the relationship with Rose he’s willing to NOT break his vow, while Rose tried more than once to ‘break him’ – and even did it on her birthday. I think Nate is fine on this one as he showed more backbone and kept to his values with Rose… However the Miranda thing… *facepalm* yeah I’m not backing him on that one…

    Just got to point it out here though, Tracy has got to be, harlot or not, the hottest character in TG. Just gotta point it out with this panel – her ass with the little CSM tag caught my attention which brought me here… Can’t say I’m disappointed to see it again :)

    Keep’em comin’ nick, if TG gets put on hard copy I’m ordering a full copy of the whole series first chance I get.

  23. Mickk says:

    Well, there has gotta be something good to come from that….. they have both gotten rid of of certain ummm… “frustrations” and the chances of either of them telling anyone that “that” actually happened between them are pretty low….

    • Oberon says:

      “the chances of either of them telling anyone that “that” actually happened between them are pretty low”

      The problem here being that for both, their partner is a proven jackass. The odds of either of [b]them[/b] bragging or otherwise spilling the beans approaches unity.

  24. Enrico says:

    tip of the hat to you nick, i have just been sucked farther into this story line. And now that Nate is less blue balled will his personality change? and whats the past, why is she the harlot? nom nom nom plot WEEEEE ^__^

  25. Brooklyn Red Leg says:


    Oh yea, harlot or not, Tracy is hawt!

    Hmmm…bet they didn’t kiss at all the whole time they were doing the horizontal hokey-pokey.

  26. wafflewaffle says:

    Aww Nate…that makes me sad. ): What about the girl you had plans with~?

    • Kevink says:

      Its very clear that these too had a previous relationship that kinda just dwindled and for whatever reason. (clearly it will be delved into later, no doubt)

      Knowing that, why feel bad for Miranda? Its not like Her and Nate were dating, or had been in a steady relationship. Frankly I see the only “Twist” by these two getting freaky-deaky; is that they had a previous relationship and yet its never been spoken of until now. =p

      Seems a little convenient frankly especially considering earlier in the ~End of Compliance~ sub-story on page 6, Tracy was excited at getting just a kiss from Nate. =p

      Now that said, It could just be she was happy that he was going to try and show feelings towards her again, its hard to say, but just seems awkward and outta place.

      • I have had a hunch about Nate and Tracy for a while. The “Harlot” line was what started it for me, and I’ve just had that “feeling” every now and then since.

        The “End of Compliance” is a day dream of Nate’s, if I’m not mistaken, so yeah, of course she wants him in his own mind.

        (BTW: Even though I work with Nick on projects, per my own request, he doesn’t share the upcoming plot lines on the comic with me. I get to guess what’s coming just like everyone else.)

        • Kevink says:

          Yeah the “harlot” line did register something with me, just not that they had a previous sexual relationship; tho in hindsight the comical bitching that Tracy was laying down on Nate feels ironically like an old married couple.

          Shes, “the old fling” , if you screw up on a previous relationship shes there for the rebound, have to wonder if shes willing and able to let Nate go this time.. =/

          Or is her siren call and pink nipply-bits just too powerful for Nate!?

      • wafflewaffle says:

        True that~ I really liked Miranda though, she was nice. :( I just thought she might have made up for Rose and Tracy both being so scary. XD;
        Honestly though, this Nate and Tracy thing really surprised me. I’m just clueless that way, methinks. :D

  27. Math Geek says:

    Why should we not be surprised?!? Glad he found a condom, too.

  28. lolwut says:

    Anyone else notice how her glasses magically appear on her face? :I

  29. Bubbaclaw says:

    Bitch or not Tracy has a nice body. The only question now is, was this a one time thing or are Nate and her going to have a repeat performance?

  30. chivirac says:

    Sorry guys, I’ll have to go for Nate being (slightly) less slutty ;P

    They’ve done similar things at this point but have you seen Nate parade around in short short or strip in front off Aya to get Rose’s attention. How about kiss a random person to make her jealous? Also he at least tried to get her back, she just screwed it up.

    She’s a debauched harlot, he’s a moron. Maybe they’re perfect for each other.

    Btw just because I said that Nate didn’t do those things, doesn’t mean I want to see him do them *shudders*

  31. DiDi says:

    I’m with others as far as the double standard thing goes.

    Like I mentioned earlier, I was mostly pissed not just who but where Rose got some action. I’m just saying they could have used a damn bed room. Preferably not Aya’s ’cause that would have been so much worse.

    As far as Nate goes, it’s sorta the same thing. Even if he and Miranda aren’t exclusive ’cause they never started… isn’t this kinda in bad form? How can you claim interest in someone only to fuck someone else?

  32. The Kingpin says:

    O…K that was not expected.

  33. OverlordLaharl79 says:

    Ahh, the revenge-fuck… one of the best ways to get over a break-up(depending on the person, and their reputation). Relationships, in a nutshell, can be very complicated things, and sometimes you just have to boil it down to someone’s vows and attitude towards life and the other person’s(will they sync up, will they try to change that person, etc etc).

    I do not think there is a double standard here because Nate did not act like Rose; he resisted her, and she showed that she’s a slut who doesn’t care who she sleeps with(I can definitely speak from experience, unfortunately).

  34. Anony says:

    Hey, I keep hearing people talk about this banner ad with Tracy in it.

    I’ve never seen it :(

    Can anyone tell me where I can find it?

  35. comichero says:

    Knew they had somthing between them at one time the tit for tat they gave eachother was too comforable but it seems tracy misses nate

  36. Adam says:

    Tracy almost looks concerned or worried, as if she just realized she had had a great time fucking him and watching him get dressed is sounding alarm bells for her.
    Just look at her face when she tells him he lasted a lot longer. She looks surprised, as if that was some unexpected gift she hadnt planned on, as if that will make him stay.

    I’m going to guess she is going to try to ruin his relationship and try to get him herself. New girl is probably going to be out of the picture very soon, and since Nate has sunk low, it’s possible Rose might see her either hitting on him or making a move on him, and natural instinct is to tell her to back off.

    Thats assuming they were supposed to be together.

    It’d be interesting to see Nate with Tracy, if the sex makes her a decent person, then I think its a very humanitarian thing for Nate to pound her nightly

  37. Duckman says:

    I think it is important to point out two things here:

    1. Nate bears a striking (albeit quite pointed out) resemblance to Dante Hicks.

    2. He wasn’t even supposed to be here today!

    This is a very nice twist, however. One that I like quite a bit. As much as she’s held up on the pedestal of bitchdom on top of mount bitch, I thought she had potential to be a very deep, very fulfilling character… Plus she’s hot… Okay, maybe I’m just being a typical male in this regard, but I still like Tracy.

  38. Lazy Robot says:

    From a lesbian stand-point, Tracy’s pretty hot with after-sex hair… Now only if skin-deep beauty didn’t apply here and she wasn’t fictional….

  39. Lysana says:

    OK, the trippy thing about the banner ad you just echoed for me is that in Second Life, I know someone whose avi looks almost exactly like Tracy’s. Her glasses are a bit narrower, but that’s the single biggest difference. Their figures are even similar. I saw the banner art and did a triple-take because of that. That’s what got me to read your comic.

    Also, we need to retire “slut” from the language or redefine it, damn it. It’s NOT wrong for a woman to have a lot of consensual sex, and the sooner we get over that the better off we’ll all be.

    • chrisleech says:

      the problem seems to be that we can’t seem to find the line between a healthy amount of sex and too many partners

      • Lysana says:

        “Too many” is a relative term. That’s what needs to be admitted to here. If it’s done consensually and safely, “too many” is defined by the people who are having sex, not a third-party witness. If it’s not safely done, one is too many.

    • Zach Reddy says:

      I agree, plenty of consensual sex is fine, as long as you’re using protection and not hurting anyone. I think Rose may be pushing the “not hurting anyone” line though, she seems to be out to hurt whoever she’s close to, consciously or not.

  40. tWiCHY says:

    yay nipply bit wooooo :)

  41. Ray says:

    WOW Nate and Tracy do the horizontal monster mash, did not see that coming, Rose screwing Aya’s adaptive bro, i did not see that coming either. What surprised me the most is the pure rage Rose’s actions caused. I too believe she was wrong for screwing someone so close to her best friend, there is a code in line when it comes to screwing family members of friends and Rose didn’t follow protocol. On the other hand we have what Nate did, screwed an old flame when he was trying to start something with the new girl.I see no problem with what Nate did, and I commend Rose on being a slut/whore whatever u want to call it, If it was a man doing what she was he would be considered a player, a pimp. I am upset with Rose for screwing her friends bro. Also form here on out i say we completely drop the term “slut” from our vocab and redefine the terms player/pimp to include women cause lets face it fellas, we are sluts too!

  42. DruffyB says:

    So she was a woman….
    Thats my Sexual Deviancy shattered…..
    Woe is me…. T.T

    FUTA FTW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. Lando says:

    He put the hate fuck on her pure and simple

  44. T'laryth Phalyn says:

    People seem to be under the impression that only guys can be young and dumb and thus not worth whining about. I don’t really understand all the hate that people have for Rose. She’s still a kid, she’s got a crappy home life that hasn’t exactly instilled self-respect and still she managed to hold down a semi-decent half-relationship for a longer period of time than most girls her age do in real life. She’s still figuring out how to function as a human being so slamming her as a slut is more than over-kill.

    Nate, on the other hand, is (more or less) a responsible adult and capable of making relatively thought out choices. This doesn’t make what he’s just done with Tracy better or worse. It is what it is. Angry sex, which almost every sexually active adult has had at one point or another.

    My only hopes are that Rose matures a bit and becomes something of a functioning adult and that Nate figures out who he actually wants, which will take care of a lot of things.

  45. connor says:

    No offense to Rose or that Indian-girl, but I’d WRECK Tracy’s hot ass any day of the week. And morbidly so.

  46. Sammi says:

    Really, spermicidal condoms? Those give urinary tract infections so badly, they should know better.

  47. Paul says:

    And to think you once questioned your butt-drawing skills! ‘Tis a fine fundement.

  48. Gojira says:

    I’ve got to say Nick, I stumbled on this will being stuck at home sick and I’ve got to say it’s absolutely amazing. The art progression has been wonderful, the characters are brilliant and realistic, the writing is superb, the character development has been wonderful, everything is amazing. I’ve read and reread the entire comic twice today. Keep up the good work.

    Now it may just be me, but I’m actually rooting for Nate and Tracy to end up together. We’ve seen Tracy at vulnerable points, both hear and in the flashback. She’s a genuinely good person deep down. She very clearly cares for Nate and wants to know where they go from there. I don’t think it’s that out there for the two of them to sit down and discuss what happened, apologize to each other, and start anew. Judging by their past feelings for one another, I think it would be a wonderful development if they work out their problems like adults and got back to a healthy relationship. And as Order of the Stick puts it, since she’s getting Treasure Type O regularly, I can easily see most of that angry, bitchy attitude melt away.

  49. the Golgathan says:

    The drama is solid. The drama is fine.
    But too muc grama “muss nicht sein”.

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