The Christening (NSFW)

The Christening (NSFW)




Aya: I’m still on if you are.
Xan: Can I bring my boyfriend over?

Aya: You don’t have a boyfriend, Alex, and neither do I, which kinda explains why it’s Friday night, my parents are out of town and we’re having a BUFFY marathon.
Xan: Fine, but these “facts” of yours won’t stand in my way forever.

Aya: Besides, you haven’t even come ou– OH MY GOD.
[Rose and Trevor on the couch fucking]
Rose: Oh, uh, hi Aya.
Rose: Like the haircut.

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  1. And her mind’s broken.

    Does this mean Nate is fucking Tracey?

  2. RotSman says:

    Wow. That girl needs an intervention.

  3. Lazruth says:

    OH COME ON! SERIOUSLY?! Jesus, what’s next, Tracy ends up preggers with Nate’s kid?

    … No. No, I refuse to even think about that possibility. The very thought of it… *shudder*

  4. Alex says:


    thats not fatballs is it?

  5. Ray says:

    Omg! This is so hot! lol Is that her friend’s step brother or whatever she is with? lol

  6. Lord Marcelus says:

    Hi, I love your comic. I recently discovered your awesome creation and I read the whole lot in 2 weeks with the hopes of finally seeing our beloved hero porking sweet legal (or not legal) rose. Keep up with this incredible work. Best of lucks.

  7. Casa says:

    Oh, I am sad now.

  8. Anony says:

    God dammit…this breakup plotline just keeps getting more and more fucking annoying…I might need to stop reading this comic for a while so I can come back after all this SHIT is done…

    • Anony says:

      Also, you’re aware that your life until Thursday night (at least…) is going to be filled with bitching about this strip, yes? I assume that explains your blurb?

    • Nick Wright says:

      I’m guessing you walk out on a lot of movies.

      “Mel Gibson’s daughter’s been kidnapped? I didn’t pay to see this! I’ll be back for the happy ending.”

      “Oh my fucking God, they put Han Solo in Carbonite? And what’s up with Admiral Ackbar? This is supposed to be Star WARS not Star TRAPS!”

      • AxelxGabriel says:

        All I know is, from this point on, she is not allowed to say SHIT about how promiscuous her sister and mom is.

      • Sunder says:

        As poorly put as Anony has it, I get where it’s coming from – I saw this comic and my reaction was a heavy sigh and “Really? -Really?- That’s where this went? Ugh.”

        It wasn’t unexpected and it just made sure that Rose, as a character, lacked any interest for me going forward.

        Will keep reading for the characters that -do- interest, but when they feature Rose I’m just going to skip it.

        • Jerichow says:

          I agree here, this comic(not this strip anyway) was pretty awesome but now I just think Rose is a total slut, it’s a flat out fact… And I’m pretty sure this goes for a lot of other people too who now think this. This actually ruined most of my day since I come home from work around midnight looking forward to this and seeing something between Nate and Tracy, be it NSFW or not. Instead… I see this… fuck my life…

          Seriously though.. as much as I want to like this kind of twist, the whole idea that Rose keeps spiraling farther and farther down the path of a slut is kind of getting on my nerves… but then again this is actually how some girls turn out, which makes it realistic in other senses. I kind of hope Nate starts something serious with Tracy or Miranda and completely fucks up Rose’s head here, that would be a hell of a comeback on the side of the author here.

        • DorthLous says:

          Well, I already had given up on her and was questioning my continued readership of this comic (especially with Nate and Tracy), but this is just one more nail.

          Where’s the character’s dimension? She was introduced as a slut, suggested something NON SLUTTY to keep the relationship, then acted slutty to get out what she said many times, then when that blew in her face, she acted more and more slutty each time. That’s not character growth? That’s character assassination.

          How about Nate? Is he really turned on by Tracy just because she’s removing clothes? Really? You do realize that there are other things in life than sex?

          • Casa says:

            Agreed on all points.

          • DorthLous says:

            To Justme

            Here’s the thing though: Why would most of us invest to see a story that is neither more bleak nor greater than the outside world?

            An autobiography is interesting when it comes from a remarkable person.

            A work of art, comic, painting, movie, whatever, is interesting because it exposes *SOME* part of the human psyche, or paints the world through the eyes of the artist.

            Great stories mostly follow the cycle of Joseph Campbell.

            And you know what? I read close to a hundred webcomic. I consume them, as I do a lot of other media and my job is also within the media. Some are incredibly funny, some keep us on the edges of our seats, some are dramatics, some, however, have a very real day to day style, yet are in such imaginary world as to make you dream.

            Do you think I started reading this comic because I didn’t feel invested in either the plot, the world or the characters? OF COURSE NOT! It’s BECAUSE I was invested in them that it is so disheartening to see it spiral out of control like this.

            Could I do better? Meh, I doubt it, but then again, that’s not the point. I design games and I sure hope people are touched by them, whether through the art, story or, more importantly, the gameplay.

            But, fine, sure, I’m paid for it and he isn’t, right? Wrong. We are most definitively not paid in the same way, but very few people are capable of sustaining arts for the sake of art against both unpopularity and lack of money. Webcomic artists live off the fan and in my eye, this is one of the BEST model out there. And because I LIKED this comic, I took and take time to give my opinion.

            Sure, a small outburst will bring traffic, but it will also kill the comic on the long run (just ask Ctrl-Alt-Delete what happened following the failed pregnancy plot line, one story which I loved, by the way).

            So there you have it. SURE you CAN justify any and ALL behaviors of anything, ESPECIALLY in an imaginary world. Is it material for a good story though? A great one? Will it kills your livelihood? Those are questions I think Nick should ask himself and that’s coming from someone who designs for a living as well as LIKED the comic and thus sees a lot MORE potential both in it and the author.

            I’d touch other subjects, but I think the wall of text is long enough. Hopefully at least someone will be moved by it, one way or another.

      • Anony says:

        I can see the result of the plotline in a few hours, not a few weeks (at the earliest).

        And, for the (nerd) record, Han is PUT in carbonite in a different movie than Ackbar saying “IT’S A TRAP!” And I wouldn’t watch a Mel Gibson movie if I was paid to do it.

    • John says:

      Me too. I’m actually removing this comic from my active reading list. I’ll come back to it one day…hopefully. Nothing against you Mr. Wright, I loved the story up until now, but this has hit to close to home (not me but a very close friend) for me to find this entertaining anymore.

      Also, depending on the severity of the situation in the movie I might walk out on it as well, but to date I have not, but this is A) a very specific situation with personal reasons included, and B) I have not paid to read this webcomic as I would pay to see a movie.

      I know that comment wasn’t directed towards me but since I am seconding Anony’s statement, I feel I should respond to it as well. I wish you luck in your comic and all future endeavors.

      • Mike says:

        Really? You’re going to stop reading a comic because your friend got their feelings hurt? You’re so fragile that a character in a comic (or, apparently, a movie) can upset you (by proxy of your friend) enough to make you want to stop reading (or watching) it?

        That’s just silly. Over-the-top, mind numbingly, silly.

  9. Bahahaha!!! That’s so awesome. Seriously. You’ve finally answered the question that’s been sitting there without a response for ages…

    “Why yes Trevor, you MAY touch my boob”. :)

  10. AxelxGabriel says:

    Ok, it is official. She is just as huge a slut as her mom and sister.

  11. Teh_Das says:

    Trickery! when you said that it was a safe bet that next comic was gonna be NSFW, I did not expect Rose and the Deuche to be in throws…

    Well played…

  12. Cartoon Eric says:

    She rebounds fast.

  13. Ryutso says:

    1. What are they christening? Aya’s couch?

    2. I want Aya’s shirt, but in a male’s size please.

  14. Jonathan says:

    Done. Fuck this comic. Tired of hoping for the best and getting the opposite. It’s like some dorks way of venting how he never got the girl so he has to be the maltreated victim. Fuck this.

  15. Sean says:

    Hahahahahahaha!!!! I KNEW IT!!!! When you said the next comic would be NSFW, I just knew it wouldn’t be Tracy! XD Thumbs up man!

  16. photoman86 says:

    First thought verbatim: ” Wow… She really is a bitch” I know Nate is trying to date, but he hasn’t fucked the very first person he’s seen. And the kid has proven he is stupid, contrary, and an all around waste of space/breath/ skin. I sort of hope Aya punches her brother, kicks Rose out of the house, and just gives up on her. She is kind of a worthless person after all.

    • Necron says:

      HAHahaha!! That would be EPIC!

    • Sunder says:

      Ditto, photoman86.

      Lost all interest in the development of Rose from here on. Intend to read for the other characters and just skim when it’s got this shallow bint in it.

    • Panchocheesecake says:

      A million dollars that He slept with Tracy.

    • Tyler says:

      I agree with everything up until the giving up on her part

    • Mnementh383 says:

      I’m gonna have to second Tyler’s comments on this one. Only fair weather friends give up like that. Hate is not what I feel when I see or think about this. Pity and sadness. To the point of an actual physical jolt of pain.

      She needs real honest to goodness love more than anything in the world right now. You just relegating her to “worthless” status shows that you’re no better than the role models she’s been “blessed” with all her life. She needs Aya’s help, not scorn and abandonment. And I pray to the powers that be that Aya’s the person I think she is and not the person you apparently are.

  17. Panchocheesecake says:

    It looked like Nate’s friend for a second there. Probably is. Nick, can you confirm this?

  18. Panchocheesecake says:

    Also, nice painting in the background, she has good taste.

  19. Passerby says:

    Rose’s judgement calls are far worse than any mere umpire or wrestling referee joke could possibly imply.

  20. zuche says:

    Not what I want to see happen, but I think some people are overreacting. It may not be smart, but it’s human.

  21. Abd Al-Azrad says:

    Dear Nick,
    What the fuck?


    P.S. – What the fuck?

  22. Casa says:

    I agree with those who are no longer interested in Rose’s development. This may change, but she’ll have to earn it.

    Nick, you are a master of building up sympathy for a character, and then utterly wrecking it.

  23. boring7 says:

    The comic title pretty much covers my comment on the comments.

    Anyways, can’t judge her for scratching an itch, but she’s likely going to regret it later.

  24. Eric says:

    so i take it this one of those scenarios in which the main character ends up “saving” a damsel with some sort of addiction and thus ridding her of it? although in this case nate want to keep that addiction around ; P

    another part of me wants to say this:
    so apparently, Trevor was pretty good at touching her boob. and hey maybe he won’t be such a dousche after losing his virginity. XD

  25. william says:

    and the plot thickens

    this is just like my brothers life

  26. Emmezali says:

    Wow Nick, you have written art.
    I see the reactions people give. A lot of disgust and anger. This is what real art does to people!

    As for the Rose discussion… I think maybe she doesn’t see this as “wrong”…. so it’s got nothing to do with self control. Indeed, she is scratching an itch that has been there for a long time, and she is just done with waiting for something to happen with Nate. The only thing she lacks is communication skills.

  27. fezz says:

    read the panel. k.
    read the panel. k.
    read the panel, quickly looked at the last panel, face palmed, noticed starry night rofl’d at it.. not sure why
    suffice to say the Van Gogh was the high point of this updated comic for me :(

  28. OutLaw Red says:

    wow. while im not done reading this comic, i am done hoping rose will finish this hypocritical stupidity that plagues any “girl” that feels “sexually empowered”… that term in and of itself is BS. in one perspective, it is good that she is finally with someone that is close to her age group. in another, yeah; self control, cold shower, chocolate, trying out for the rank of master debater… as for nate and his situation, bad timing. angry sex with supervisor could be fun, but sweet deli girl could be long term… decisions, decisions…

    • Cartoon Eric says:

      Not to mention that Rose has proven that girls prefer douchebags over guys that actually cared.

      • Casa says:

        When was that ever considered unproven? The absolute worst thing to do when attempting to get any girl is to genuinely care. It sounds bitter, but I have yet to have a woman in my life prove me wrong.

        • Tyler says:

          But even that, for some, including me, is hard to do, cause some guys are raised to be kind and to care, some develop the ability, some are born that way, despite how they were raised

        • Harlock says:

          Yep. That’s bitter all right. One of the main things my wife loves about me is that I care. Frankly, any girl who would prefer that you don’t care is a girl who isn’t worth bothering with.

  29. MrTryker says:

    Wow, wasn’t expecting that.

    Curious as hell to see where this goes now, but it looks to be building up to a cluster-fuck of some sort.

  30. Anti-Rose says:

    Wow… After reading all the comments, I have to admit, 99% of them I agree with. I was seriously hoping for, when I saw the last one, that Nate would see Tracy, walk out, probably get called something degrading, and Tracy just go about her day. I really thought the worst was over when Rose was telling Aya how she is a fucking moron.

    It’s agreed that at that moment where she kissed the douche, that she hit the bottom of the barrel.

    It should be agreed she picked the sucker up and now is proceeding to scrape under it.

    I know that the super negative relationships can make readers dive in, feeling sorry for Nate, yet think he is an idiot for giving up Rose. Feeling sorry for Rose for being stupid with how she reacts and yet its hard to feel complete sympathy for her. Good mix that allows you to bring our hopes up… And crash them down again, and bring them back if you like.

    Seeing her astride the young douchebag just…

    I think the general consensus is this: Fuck it.

    Yup, Rose can go on her merry whore hunt all she likes, fuck Purvous for all we care. Let Les eat her out when shes…
    Ok maybe thats going a bit to far. Les must have SOME standards… Right?

    As for Nate, on the bare hope that Rose would come around and stop whoring it up, I’d have wanted him to turn Tracy aside, but now that Rose is out of the picture. No…Not Tracy. Keep the girl he is with, give us some hope for her. If he does Tracy, new girl will be gone, he is going to feel disgusted with himself, and probably low enough that Rose might be eye level again to comfort him. I don’t want to see it happen, not when they were both brought so low, like… Since we have pretty much ruined our lives, and anything bad that happens is only an improvement…Sure lets fuck. Thats just going down the toilet. I’m still holding out hope for the comic, and think Nate needs to find someone.

    I really like(d) Rose. But I dont want to see her back with Nate. Thats just sloppy.

  31. msaturn says:

    if you know people are going to hate it, why write it? “character development?” ugh.

  32. IndigoRei says:

    This situation just gets worse and worse. Thus far Aya is the only character who hasn’t bee a total douche/bitch. However I will continue reading because I think Nick is going somewhere with this.

  33. jp says:

    First thought is apparently she didn’t care for Nate as much as she said she did….would be interesting to see how Nate’s situation is gonna blow up in his face while this one blows up in hers.

  34. HowlingWolf says:

    Really Nick, I can’t understand all the bitter comments, people accusing you of ruining the picture They had of how story would go on…
    Come on, if you want a story about a tormented (but not too much) love story buy a Harmony book!
    This is a webcomic about people fucking around seen from the POV of a guy who’s not fucking since WW2.
    Rose was a slut from the first strip she was in, and she’s being slutty acting the whole way to this one. What in the world made you angry commenters think “everything was going to be OK”?
    I mean, the fact that Rose was the first girl wanting to get Nate laid doesn’t mean she’s automatically The One for him… it would be way too simple!

    I’ve been reading for a while and I’m going to go on reading EVERY strip I’ll find, no metter who’s in, and that’s because I’m here to amuse myself, not to support a carachter or a relationship between carachters. God, I hate soap operas!
    So, Nick, go on by yor way and amuse yourself making your carachters do what you want!

    Sorry for my English, I’m Italian…

    • chidoku says:

      I have to tell you that your english is better than most english speakers.

        • fezz says:

          WORST ENGLISH EVA he capitalizes “They” in the middle of a sentence and spells matter/ metter & and character/carachter.

          jk :P
          HowlingWolf you deserve an internet cookie!

          • HowlingWolf says:

            Thanks guys, I’m flattered!
            I’m working hard to keep my English up to a good level, it’s a very good thing to have people giving you totally uninterested appreciation.

            By the way, I’m taking mental notes about the “character” error, and I swear that the matter/metter and the capitalized “They” were jud typos!

  35. Christopher says:

    Well, Rose can no longer claim she’s only slept with 3 guys, now it’s 4. And perhaps by the time she and Nate fix things up, it might be 7 or 8. The point being, she’s a hot girl so why not sleep with anything and anyone, right? To hell with consequences, with a person being judged by their actions. Because she’ll be allowed to make every wrong decision and eventually return to Nate and be accepted because she’s finally “grown up”?

    Or, if Nate has any self respect, he’ll remember the very same willpower that had him wanting to wait until Rose was 18 and tell her that he’s not interested in dating a tramp. That he’s looking for a girl with whom he has more than physical attraction, but an actual similar point of view on life… which is possible, despite their differing ages.

    At this point, if the point of the comic is for Nate and Rose to build a relationship, I’d say it just jumped the shark. Sorry, Nick, but reading a cuckold storyline isn’t something that appeals to many. For a more modern phrase, this is a turd in the punchbowl. You can scoop it out, but people are never going to forget it was there.

    I may follow the comic a bit more because it’s a simple click of the mouse away, but I really doubt its going towards a resolution that I will enjoy.

    • chidoku says:

      And even if it wont turn they way you want, it is a really good story. Deep with alot of thought. Living characters and so well done that people really react to it.
      If it was me doing this comic I would be really happy with everyone reacting strongly to what happens, because that would mean I have done something right :)

  36. MrBrown says:

    Contrary to all the negative opinions of it, I think you did a great job with this comic today. Yea, Rose is a slut who was raised by a slut and knows no different and so what. If she were a guy tapping on a sister of her friend, how many of the negative comments would have been made? Seems like the old double standard is alive and well in web comic land.

    I know my opinion is different from others here and fully expect a flaming bloodbath of negativity but I like your writing and your story to date and will continue to enjoy it for as long as you care to place it before the public. Don’t let the naysayers get you down, which I doubt was going to happen anyway, but I still wanted to let you know that you have some folks who appreciate the depths of your writing.

    • Christopher says:

      If she were a guy? Well, I’d hope the girl in this hypothetical instance would have enough self respect to turn her back on him, too. I don’t think this is a situation that’s gender specific, in my opinion.

      • chidoku says:

        Out of experience I know that (with statistical science-ish-thingie) it is more probably that if it was a guy we would have less negative comments then we have now.
        A guy screws a random girl. Reaction: Dude you are so cool (from guys) and from girls: He’s such an (male variant) slut
        A girl screws a random guy. Reaction: Man that girls such a slut, she will sleep with anyone. (from both genders)
        These are generalizations, but they are also quite a fact.
        Like here, if Nate would have sex with Tracy, most people would think like “Man, why’d he do that?” and almost noone would say “Fuck this, I’m leaving I hate this character development” because, Nate IS a guy.
        And we have in this strip the proof of how people react when a girl does the same thing.
        Btw. if Nate has sex with Tracy, we all will call her a slut, I am sure, but most will think that Nate just did “what he had to do” :P

        • Zachinahat says:

          Quite right, mate; there is a definite break in the whole gender thing and people don’t like to admit the pervasive gender bias in our popular culture. Though there are a few men who might think the hypothetical guy is a dog for didgeridooin’ a friend’s sister

          Another little chestnut is the bias against non-traditional relationships and attitudes towards casual sex

  37. TheW says:

    Ever since the drama started to happen, I was one who always was hoping (or just waiting) for Nate and Rose to be together I can now safely say, fuck that idea.

  38. Tristan Darkthunder says:

    Lost all respect for Rose at the last panel, not for being who she is.
    We all knew what she was from the beginning.
    But you gotta give her some credit for at least trying to behave while w/Nate.
    Plus he did blow it for being too uptight about her age.
    So I cannot fault her for “regressing” to her old ways, and for Nate to look for someone closer to his age.
    We can always hold out and see if they get their act together, and reunite in a year or so.

  39. Chris K says:

    I want to see where this is going. Heck, I’d like to see Nick get with Aya… she’s a smart girl. Miranda… or even Tracey.

    I’ve been there, when you fall for that girl you hate way too much. It’s odd but it happens.

    Good job on the surprise!

    • Kevink says:

      Or hell while we’re at it lets get Nate into a 3-bitch love sandwich with Miranda, Tracy and Aya while we’re at it =p

      If Nate walked out on the very much nude Rose what makes you think his mentality of ‘welp, going for a smoke’ mentality won’t kick in for this situation with Tracy? =p

      That said on the issue, I already gave up on Rose as a person, so at this point shes nothing but an enjoyable side boob =D As much as I hate to see Rose literally circling the drain, this whole is a story is about Nate trying to find himself, not Rose. So while I see the legitimacy of the “I’m leaving for a while” comments my only rebuttal is “Cowboy up ya sentimental pansy’s” Turn and run and go do your laundry like good little women if you can’t handle the ‘vapours’. >=o

      *clanks a whiskey to Nick Wright* I salute you sir for saying ‘fuck you’ to the mold of normality and turning it on its ear to piss in it.

  40. Proximity says:

    I’m simply baffled at some of the comments. I see an awful lot of projecting by people who apparently think this comic should some kind of feel good story.

    Rose isn’t acting out of character at all, the only difference is that it’s with someone the readership isn’t supposed to empathize with. Rose tried the same thing with Nate on strip number SEVEN, I’d say this is rather par for the course.

    Nate and Rose had what can only be called a total break, and the newest page serves to show how a serious infatuation can change one’s sensibilities drastically, and doubly so once removed.

    I have to say, if you don’t like the way the story is going now, then you should have probably quit about 140 pages ago.

    • Christopher says:

      I agree, they had what can only be seen as a total break… because of Rose’s own self admitted poor judgement and actions. And I’d be cool with that, except it’s been clear through the entire comic that there is a definite theme of trying to get Rose and Nate together. Except that now Rose’s poor decision making has increased to the point that she would be a bad relationship girl for anyone, much less Nate, because her solution to most problems is to sleep with someone.

      And frankly, this comic has always seemed to stress the comedic. If Nate was to become such a butt monkey to life that it’s written in that he and Rose eventually end up together… well, that’s not funny. That’s just sad.

  41. Leaf says:

    Wow, you guys overreact, one comic you don’t like, one poor decision by one character and you decide to quite the comic? I’ve been reading this comic and never posted a comment before, and I really just wanted to thank Nick for writing a quality comic that has real people who make mistakes in it.

  42. Brooklyn Red Leg says:

    I have this sinking feeling this is going to lead to, one day, Nate saying to Rose: ‘You sucked 37 dicks?’ And yea, Aya is probably gonna get stuck cleaning spooge off the couch.

  43. Mravac Kid says:

    Aww yeah, fucking up the readers’ minds in the best Willis/Philips/Campos tradition. :)
    I have no idea why people are so dismayed about this, it’s a pretty natural development. If she was a slut before, and only tried to change for Nate, it figures she’d return to her old ways after he dumped her. She’s just trying to get the pain to go away by doing something that pleased her before… and I don’t think it will help.

    People, if you react so violently to this, do not read the comics by the authors I mentioned in the first paragraph. Or, rather, do go read them, maybe they’ll grow you some balls. :p

    • Tyler says:

      I don’t think it’s that we are angry, we are upset that Rose is regressing to what she was before, she was actually trying to not have sex while with Nate, and when he dumped her, she went off the deep-end and hooked-up up with her best-friend’s douchebag step-brother

  44. Jamming says:

    Hey as a writer, I have plans for my own storyline. Then there is a point when my readers start hating it, but then they see the character change for the better or worse. It gets better after that character change happens. It’s when something bad happens to them at the moment it seems horrible but nothing is permanent horrible or good.

    Like a car wreck our eyes have a hard time looking away from it. Sorry about the sentences, I just finished ten pages and screw proper grammar.

    • Christopher says:

      Except that this particular action… hot girl is slightly miffed at romantic interest and so she has a poorly chosen roll in the hay… is so overused in so many mediums these days. Movies, books, and webcomics. It’s a lazy writing convention. And yet, the implications of its view into the character seem to be ignored simply because she’s a “hot girl”. It perpetuates the idea of beauty outside being more important than the beauty inside. Implying that somehow if you judge someone by their promescuity, there’s something wrong with you and not the easy girl or man-whore.

      And maybe the point is holding oneself in higher regard than simply having a tumble with whatever warm body that offers itself to you. Remember, you lay down with dogs, you get fleas.

  45. Firen Drakendorf says:

    Quick question: Did Rose’s ass get slapped? Or is that just heat? Or what is it?

  46. Robert says:

    oh no, a teenage girl is doing something dumb because she’s upset!!!! how shocking! i understand where everyone’s coming from, it is wince-worthy to see rose make mistakes. but thats life. people make mistakes. in regards to sex, this goes double for teens.

  47. Jim says:

    ( wow! )— We’ve ALL heard the phrases; “Outta left field”, “Never saw that coming” ??

    IMHO, THIS came from across town !!! – I NEVER suspected this at ALL! – A GREAT plot twist Nick!

    Screw the ‘nay-sayers’ and keep ’em coming! … If people want their cartoon characters to never change, never do anything wrong, never step on a rake to see if it’ll come up and SMACK ’em in the face …. fine! — (go read GARFIELD!) This plot twist has riled SEVERAL people, for ONE COMMON reason, it happened to THEM or someone THEY KNOW!

    Nick, that just proves your writing REAL facts and issues into the characters!
    DON’T stop for THEM – DON’T stop for ME !!!

    • Kevink says:

      It didn’t really come from across town, Rose has been known for ages as a slut, this just visually finally shows it for once, well I guess we could count her making out as kind of a slutty move but, I mean rose was known as the girl who got railed by 2 guys out in the middle of the inter-pass, we just never visually seen that side of her till now, so its not really shocking in retrospect.

      I mean, I’d me more pissed off if it was Aya on that lap; then Rose for loads more reasons. =p

    • Freelance says:

      Agreed 100%. The comic blew me away before I even read the dialogue.

    • Harlock says:

      Actually…Jon DID step on a rake in a recent Garfield strip. Two rakes, actually. ;)

  48. Enrico says:

    Nick you are a master of your craft, i am horridly disgusted by one of your main characters and still left wondering if Nate had the balls to see who cold winter really is. looking forward to Friday. Not to mention the amount of comments on this strip is such a short period of time.

  49. Jon says:

    Did anyone notice that dickweed had his haircut like nates

  50. Freelance says:

    Well played sir! Well played! *clap* *clap* *clap*

    Anyone getting terribly upset over this, remember you’re watching story telling in action. Everything that happens got a purpose down the line. The comic is still about Nate/Rose and their relationship.
    I presume so anyway, Nick *could* have jumped the shark and made Tracy the girl + focus 100% on the work environment jokes (sorta like Dilbert did)
    … or even worse… turning the comic into a harem comic where Nate is surrounded by hot chicks wanting his penis pudding and him being a sexual hypocrite about it.

    … no wait! That’d be totally cool! Love Hina with actual sex innit! ^^

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