The Christening (NSFW)

The Christening (NSFW)




Aya: I’m still on if you are.
Xan: Can I bring my boyfriend over?

Aya: You don’t have a boyfriend, Alex, and neither do I, which kinda explains why it’s Friday night, my parents are out of town and we’re having a BUFFY marathon.
Xan: Fine, but these “facts” of yours won’t stand in my way forever.

Aya: Besides, you haven’t even come ou– OH MY GOD.
[Rose and Trevor on the couch fucking]
Rose: Oh, uh, hi Aya.
Rose: Like the haircut.

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  1. wafflewaffle says:

    I like Aya’s haircut too. It suits her. :)
    In other news, maybe they genuinely like each other? :/ It’s far-fetched, I know.

  2. Lando says:

    I’ll be damned if that Lando wasn’t shocked and apalled. srsly i was all like -_- then i was like 0.o then i was like >.< and now im like ;_;

  3. Kona says:

    After careful scrutiny (yes, I have no life), I believe only one other reader, WallaceWells, has noticed a couple of hints dropped about Aya. In spite of good artistic taste (the Van Gogh), above average intelligence and a fine sense of irony (the shirt), she has no boyfriend. She is calling a friend who I don’t believe we’ve met before, who also has no boyfriend (but could be a gay male), to come over and watch a “Buffy” marathon. Most telling is the uncompleted sentence that might have continued “…you haven’t even come out…” (About your orientation? To your mom/friend/love interest?) If Alex is female, is she lesbian and lusting after Aya? Aya has been developing slowly as a character in her own right, and it would be very interesting to see a couple more dimensions added via the enigmatic “Alex”.

  4. Tarjei says:

    Ok, as far as I can tell the future smells like this:

    A) We’ll get a strip of Nate getting it on with Tracy (with or without any explanations. Those are always a nice resource for future plot development.) and quite possibly someone catching them “red handed” as well.

    B) Everyone going on about it for a few strips.

    C) Situation where Nate and Rose both feel like crap about what happened and end up trying to somehow make it up to each other.

    D) Nate and Rose realizing they both “cheated” (while not technically cheating), resulting in them getting angry at each other again.

    E) Hilarity ensues.

    Well, that’s what my nose tells me it smells like. Could be wrong, wouldn’t be the first time.

    I hope they get back together eventually, but hey: I’m not the one making the comic. Will keep reading no matter how it goes. (Even though I still hope it goes like I predicted. ^^)

    • Tia says:

      No. I refuse to believe that Nick would pull that friends BS about cheating while they were on a break. They were not together, pure and simple. If Rose and Nate do get back together, it will be because they want to, and they will not carry on for the next 6 years about how one of them betrayed the other, and then the defense that they were on a break. Nobody cheated. Nate and Rose are clearly not together, and when you are not with somebody is a great time to go whoring it up. But if you break up and go have sex with somebody else, that’s perfectly ok, because you are very clearly not with that person any more.

      To refrain: When two people choose to end a relationship, it’s over. Period. Whatever they do while they are not together should have no bearing on their relationship once they get back together, with the exceptions of pregnancy or STDs.

  5. comichero says:

    seems to me that rose is the harlot here not tracy tho im inclined to agree with kona that tracy and nate are about to give a frist hand demostration of how freaky people can get……I also think rose lost some serious BFF points with aya by doing her d-bag of a half brother in her living room, talk about throwing a collasal monkey wrench in your friends plan to get you back together with a man that you really liked well we’kk have to wai and see what happens fromthis point on tho i suspect aya is going to blow like vesuvius

  6. Captain Hook says:

    I like how there are always huge debates going on about the comic.
    Women are whores by nature, that’s all you have to understand. Is that so hard?

  7. Poizenkorp says:

    I’m wondering if our lad Nate will flat out say no. Actually refuse action since he doesn’t know what he wants. See that would be interesting to see Rose explain this with no ammo against Nate. If anything she’s acting a child by being with the half-brother with a mental age of a 12 year old. Nate may get jealous but he will definately pity her and that is far heavier…

    Srs Bsnz

  8. G2 says:

    Heh. Just seeing how many negative responses has forced me to leave a comment. Yeah sure, perhaps didn’t see this coming – but it’s not a massive surprise – and it’s not out of character for rose either.
    But the worst books and movies are the ones where the author treats you like an idiot and either gives away all the upcoming plot moves or just has straight out predictable plot.
    I love that I didn’t see this coming. I am keen to see what happens next.
    keep up the awesome work :)

  9. Vibrantfungirl says:

    If by slut everyone means the female counterpart to “stud,” then I agree Rose could be a slut. However, if slut is negative let me ask everyone this: Why, in the 21st century are girls that have had more than two sexual partners still considered sluts and bad people? Granted that perhaps she did not make a smart choice in the guy, but she is 18. Did anyone think that maybe she just did it because she likes sex? Is there something wrong with a girl liking sex? Some of these comments seem to be of opinions that are remnants from an old tired generation of opinions where girls are supposed to always be the pious upstanding citizens while guys can go about banging whomever, and wherever they choose and those actions make them more “manly.” I thought Society had progressed beyond these stereotypes. I agree, it is an old tired argument that I am having, but so are the stereotypes.

    • Frank says:

      Shut up slut.

    • Nat says:

      I’m actually starting to think you can’t win: if you’re a girl or guy who doesn’t want sex, people assume you’re a prude, a loser or a fundamentalist Christian who hates everything and everyone non-Christian. You may simply haven’t found the right person. And ‘slut’ is used as both an insult and thrown around as ‘praise’- sluts are attractive, you don’t have to be much or do much for their company. Guys would still rather be around the slut than the loser. I think this comic in general portrays all of this: look how much trash Nate got from everyone else because he didn’t want sex, even though his reasons could be considered sensible. Apart from legality, he could feel it’s been too long or there’s commitment issues, or he even isn’t sure about Rose herself. Sleeping with her would be a bad idea.
      Frankly, I don’t think Rose is a slut, but I think she’s not using her good judgement and acting in exactly the way that would make a sensible person not want to sleep with her: she’s been insisting on sex, trying to get other people to encourage him to sleep with her and she doesn’t seem to want to listen to him at all. Even if it was the case of Nate being Natalie and Rose being Rod, this is an appalling, immature way to act. It’s not the mark of a bad person or even a sleaze or a slut, but one that needs to simply grow up.

  10. Parry says:

    O.o HOLY F*CK!!!

  11. The New Guy says:

    Little late to the party, but I absolutely love Aya’s shirt.

  12. Jeanette says:

    W.T.F. oh fuck is right,, LOL!!!

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