If you saw this coming over the last few strips, you’re a keen observer, but don’t get a big head. Some readers saw it coming in 2004!

Smart money is on Wednesday’s comic being NSFW.


Tracy: You’d be surprised how much authority I can wield.
Nate: You’re right, I WOULD be surprised.

Tracy (moving off-screen): Guess I’ll just have to prove it to you.
Nate: Yeah, sure. Whatever.

[Nate raises an eyebrow]

[Bra lands on his head]

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  1. elliondrk says:

    Saw this coming xD

  2. Ryutso says:

    Pillows behind Nate’s head.

    Just sayin’.

    • COMRADeNStein says:

      Looked at comic, lol’d, got excited for next trip.

      Read your comment.

      Went back to comic. Lol’d.

    • Nick Wright says:

      They’re actually giant bags of rice, but they might make do in a pinch.

    • Jim says:

      I got a hunch, Nate’s LOOKING at a set of pillows right NOW! (Or as they’re known in some circles – blouse-puppies, fun-bags, water-wings … get it? got it? GOOD!)

      Now, we just need
      1. Their BOSS showing up {Who’s putting un-authorized O.T.?);
      2. Rose, running into Melinda and BOTH walking into the store with Boss;
      3. Tracey screaming “Sexual Harassment” – but the BETTER money would be on NATE screaming it the loudest!

      I gotta get me some POPCORN! – This is gonna be “interesting”!

  3. demon child says:

    im all for him gettin some he needs it by now id just rather it not be with her tho i guess its better it happen now than have her lusting after him and messing anything decent up

  4. Christophe says:

    The nate face on the final panel is freaking hilarious

  5. RotSman says:

    It’s been my experience that the really…uh…FORTHRIGHT women generally like to sub, although if this leads to Tracy in dominatrix gear, I’m not one to complain… XD

  6. Ashton Gilbert says:


  7. Cartoon Eric says:

    You got to be fucking kidding. Perhaps Nate won’t accept this “offer”. I mean this is Tracy, mastery in Bitch 101, there’s bound to be some kind of catch.

  8. Panchocheesecake says:

    5 bucks she’s a hetero

  9. J-Man says:

    All I can say to Tracy is Whaaachooooo cooooookin?

  10. Dr. Wonderfuk/Wonderful says:


    Dr. wonderfuk got the Music
    and Dr. wonderful the beer/popcorn and videocamera.

  11. Lazruth says:

    Seriously Nate. There may be TITS, but GTFO. You know that there’s going to be trouble otherwise. So run man! Run!

    • Rock says:

      I have to concur. o_o The sad part is, as messed-up as things will be if he accepts, she’ll be angry if he refuses her. It’s a no-win situation.

      • Gentleman Pervert says:

        Not so! This is the perfect situation for Nate. The fact that she deliberately juggled the schedule to be alone with him is well documented, and her whoreishness is equally established. All he has to do at this point is take the bra, leave her hanging, and call corporate for harassment. She gets terminated, and as her second in command he becomes a natural to take her spot.

        Granted, it would make his liaison with Melinda equally taboo, but as those two had not even had a first date yet, that would be a small enough sacrifice for revenge plus a raise and promotion.

        • Rock says:

          The fact that she changed the schedule is documented, yes. But how is he going to prove that’s her bra or that she harassed him? Besides, consider cultural bias: if a woman accuses a man of sexual harassment, people are much more likely to believe her than if a man accuses a woman of the same. Claims of Tracy’s promiscuity would likely be consider slander, used to back up Nate’s claim of harassment, and as such has little chance of being believed.

          Yes, I know Nate’s co-workers might stand up for him, but let’s face it: they’re a bunch of slackers. Their support might actually hurt Nate more than help him, if it comes down to a confrontation with upper management.

          In closing: Nate isn’t much of a fighter. He tends to avoid difficult confrontations.

          • Eric says:

            eh not so much in the retail business. I know plenty of women who have been terminated because of sexual harassment. it’s not the same as being accused of the same outside of the job. The call is \ anonymous so they wouldn’t necessarily need to know it was nate and the lawsuit generally occurs after they have been handed the two week notice. Also, depending on the company, she may win the lawsuit but still not be allowed to work at that particular store, or they might just fire them both for having sexual relations.

  12. tWiCHY says:

    didn’t see it coming, but honestly too busy anticipating Wednesday’s comic to be surprised

  13. Enrico says:

    now who would do the queen of hell??? for starters me!

  14. Jamming says:

    For God’s sake RUN!!!

    She does not want you to do that nice Deli Woman.

  15. Well, what the hell. If he goes for it, he has one hell of a piece of leverage with HR if Tracy ever gets out of line again. XD

    • Cartoon Eric says:

      But Tracy can also easily blackmail him this way. So if I were him I’d get the hell out of there. Simply because you just can’t trust a woman like her. They find ways the make things go in their favor. They’re manipulative that way.

      • Curator says:

        She cant black mail him at work with it, Because she would instantly lose her job too if she brought it up, and being a manager, she has allot more to lose, now she COULD blackmail him socially with it, by telling the nice deli lady about their liaison, however, then the nice deli lady could file sexual harassment charges as well, tracy would lose her job, and if not, if the deli lady had any kind of penalty levied against her by the company or tracy ,and the company did nothing to make it right again, she could sue for ALLOT of money.

  16. Pompous Ass says:

    A violet bra? WTF?

    Advent hasn’t even started yet!

  17. Mel says:

    I get the feeling there could be hate sex involved…..

    • ThatGuy says:

      Angry sex is a definite possibility I’d say. I wonder if Melinda will somehow walk in on them should they actually get it on. Time will tell but I’m positive there will be boobage.

  18. Thomas O. says:

    I saw it coming ever since I saw that banner ad. :)

  19. Jim says:

    Got my Jiffy-Pop (thanx to the micro-wave) … comfy chair … let the SIDE SHOW beGIN!

  20. Mentalmage says:

    Did not read this in 2004 but I’ve called this ALMOST as long as I’ve know her as a character.

  21. Freelance says:

    What if he takes up her offer and fails to perform? The irony. So many story twist possibilities!

  22. Mike says:

    Remember the description of the last strip…

    “Don’t forget to tuck in Purvous on your way out. He gets chilly.”

    My guess is he sleeps in the store, and no one knows about it. Nate is going to go for it, and Purvous will most likely be the one to interrupt.

    • Nick Wright says:

      Normally I’m content to let people run with this type of theorizing, but yeah, that was totally a joke. Purvous works short shifts and goes back to The Home every day.

      Imagine the insurance liability involved in having an employee sleep in the store!

    • Freelance says:

      How about stuck in the freezer? Sleeping there (regularly) sounds highly unlikely because the home he lives in would notice. I really don’t expect Purvous to live on his own.

  23. tia says:

    ewwww. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  24. Len says:

    Purvous ineteruptus?

  25. OverlordLaharl79 says:

    As Dr Samuel “Sam” Beckett would say… “Oh boy”… It’s either going to be the biggest trap of all traps, or it’s going to be the thing he really needs. Let’s watch and find out, shall we?

  26. Eric says:

    as a common internet meme would say:

  27. The Kingpin says:

    OOooooh your evil XD!!! Well you seem to have done what everybody wanted. Nice comic though mate your an inspiration

  28. Toaster says:

    It’s looping! Head for the hills!

  29. jonlost says:

    I can’t shake the feeling she is just screwing with Nate here….

    oh well, we’ll find out WEDNESDAY!

  30. DruffyB says:

    And she takes off her bra….
    and imediately shouts out….
    as he reveals that in fact her ‘tits’ were a bunch of beanbags hidden in a bra and that he was stufing his cock between his legs…
    4 hours of hot homosexual sex ensues in which Nate reptures a spleen and ends up in a hospital and needs a replacement spleen. But just when he’s about to die Steve walks in and offers his spleen. After the operation Steve looks into Nate’s eyes and ever so softly speaks into his ear ‘I love you man!’

    Nate discovers his love for Steve and realises that he is a raving poofter! They both get married and get killed by right wing christian extremists!

    THE END!

  31. Ziek says:

    Well played Tracy… well played…

  32. kate says:

    So am I the only fan left of Rose and Nate getting together?

    • Curator says:

      no, not the only fan, but at the same time id almost be slightly disappointed cause it would be so cliche… where as so far, this comic has actually been fairly realistic, and has resisted the cliche formulaic crap that makes most other webcomics/tv shows/ movies kinda boring.

      • kate says:

        I was just a fan because I was 16 when I got with my man (he was 21) so they reminded me of us but the difference is, we didn’t self sabotage and I didn’t slut it up.

        But I got attached to the idea now.

  33. Steve says:

    :D How much money can we put on Wednesday comic? ;-)

  34. Taiming says:

    so starts the angry hate sex lol

  35. Jakers says:

    And the stakes in this exciting manhood challenge have been upped! What will our hero do?

  36. Freelance says:

    Nick, about my Tracy fanart. My draft is shaping up nicely, but I wonder… is generous amounts of skin and breast/nipples a-okay? No explicit stuff of course.

  37. Derrath says:

    I just want everyone to look at Tracy withOUT observing her personality, and realize something. She is actually pretty damn hot.

    As one said before me, there is indeed a fine line between love and hate, and also, there’s always some sort of sexual tension between rivals of opposite gender(hell, more often than not, with rivals of the SAME gender too)

    Gentlemen, I rest my statement with the following motion: Nate and Tracy are gonna get FREAKY DEEKY DUTCH,BAYBEH!!!!

    • Cartoon Eric says:

      Regardless if she is hot she’s still got the personality of a wet cat. So Nate is not going to fall for this. At least I hope not, because there has got to be some kind of catch to this. Women play this sort of game all the time!

  38. Midnightwolf says:

    Normally, when a challenge is offered, a glove is thrown either upon the floor, or the person being challenged is struck upon the face with it…

    So, I guess bras are the new gloves?

  39. Jerichow says:

    Is it me or does Tracy ALWAYS have her ponytail hung over her right shoulder?

  40. Weimann says:

    This will be interesting :D

    Still, though, I hold out on Nate resisting the lure. While I understand that there’s a fine line between love and hate (at least hate on this petty level), he’s already shown considerable resistance to these kinds of attacks. IF he could withstand Rose, I’m pretty sure he can withstand Tracy.

    I don’t really oppose either turn of events, however :P

  41. The Boss says:

    I just hope he comes away saying, “I can never look at a salami the same way again…” or something to that effect.

  42. Amanda says:

    Pretty sure this won’t end well. Haven’t we seen this before?

  43. MrTT says:

    instant love triangle, just add water!

    • MrTT says:

      wait no… instant drama, just add love triangle… there we go.
      Of course this isn’t exactly love… but I bet he is still going to go out with that other girl (whatshername?)

  44. Max says:

    Looking at how Nate has acted so far, I doubt he is going to take the bait

  45. Boomer Gonzales says:

    Well who didn’t see this coming? LOLZ

    Although I must say, thank you Mr. Wright. This page especially brought back fond memories as I was in a very similar situation.

    While working fast food in my mid-teen purgatory(i.e old enough for responsibility, but not old enough to do anything of notable fun…legally) there was one of the managers that gave me such a hard time that I wanted to scream at her on many an occasion. Unfortunately car insurance doesn’t pay itself and neither does gas.

    However on her last day there, after she graduated from the local Community College, her and I had closing duties and something very similar to the above scene happened. Despite the four year age difference, we started dating and eventually married once I turned 18.

  46. The Rush says:

    now i know where the pic under the face book icon came from

  47. Last few strips, hell, I saw it coming the first time they met. I had the same kind of relationship with a manager just like her at my first job.

  48. Tech says:


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