Scheduling Conflict

Scheduling Conflict

This is the most action Nate has had in months.


Miranda: What are you doing here this late?
Nate: I’m going to be stuck here. I would have called, but…
Miranda: Oh, you don’t have my number! Here, let me enter it into your phone.

Miranda: And now I’ve got yours too. Call me tomorrow, okay?
Nate: Okay, sure.

Miranda (hugging Nate): See ya! Don’t let this place drag you down too much.

Tracy: Oh, you two will make a LOVELY anchor baby. Then she’ll have NO TROUBLE getting her green card!

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  1. Crane says:

    Whoah am I first?

  2. Lazruth says:

    The Hell?! Not only is she a bitch, she’s racist as well?! Somebody needs to be slapped!

  3. Bam da Man says:

    Okay, I’m thinking Nate’s about to shove his foot so far up this woman’s ass that she will drown on his ball sweat.

  4. LadyMaul says:

    Wow. I hate to dump on people based on their names, but… Suffice to say that I had a nutcase boss once named Tracy, and she wasn’t just a *purported* harlot.

    Hank Hill covered it when he said, “What a bitch.”

  5. demonchild says:

    im sure shes a super bitch on a regular basis but it also seems like shes craving nate or at least parts of him

    • Jim says:

      I’d say demonchild HIT it SQUARE, but other remarks seem SO CLOSE too!

      She’s a racist, so she doesn’t want black – or Jimi would have had some! —
      Not into the occult, or the Vampire would have SCOOOOOOORRRREEDDDD! —
      She’s HAD the Store Manager – and THAT didn’t “work too well” …
      Nate’s the only male the tramp DIDN’T have!

  6. RotSman says:

    Of course you realize, this means WAR. I would like to suggest an ongoing epic arc where Nate and Tracy are constantly one-upping each other as they head toward ultimate revenge….

    And wow…all the girls in TG are going super-psycho lately.

  7. Nick says:

    And yet we have seen that she secretly wants him…

  8. OverlordLaharl79 says:

    Wow, Tracy; way to be a super ultra bitch… I think he should tell her all about all the action he’s getting from this girl so he can make Tracy super, super mad… since she’s not getting any at all.

  9. Mr.Sin says:

    In the last panel it kinda looks like Tracy is wearing no pants

  10. Holy hell people.

    I come in here to read what’s being discussed and all i can feel is the hate.

    That makes me sad :(

    Nicely done Nick. Me, I enjoyed it, and you’re portraying her well. she may be a little bitchy, but it’s fitting her character :)

  11. Rock says:

    I agree that Tracy is being meaner than she has to be, here, but let’s not forget that none of the other employees is in line for any ‘saint of the year’-awards. I wonder whether she was always mean, or that the antics of her supposed colleagues wore her down over time.

  12. Brooklyn Red Leg says:

    Oooh…let’s guess Miranda’s ethnicity. Hmm, olive complected skin and vaguely green eyes (maybe hazel). I’ll vote Eastern European and/or Persian/Irani.

  13. Rawrbomb says:

    You know, the only reason he hasn’t goten any is his own fault :D

  14. Ben says:

    So is the implication supposed to be that Tracy knows Miranda is in the country illegally, or that Tracy is so stupid that she assumes anyone with a dark complexion who apparently speaks English perfectly must be an illegal immigrant anyway? Which I guess would be a “make Tracy the biggest bitch you possibly can” thing?

    Dunno. Seems unnecessary. Tracy was pretty well established to be awful.

    Still great work, keep it up Nick!

    • Pink Freud says:

      Not necessarily. Could be here on a student Visa or green card. all Tracy would have to know is that she is not a US Citizen, and as a manager, Tracy would be potentially in a position to know.

      • zak says:

        Or she could turn out to be caucasian. The largest part of my family genetics is Irish, German and French, but we’ve got native american on both sides about 8 generations back which has gotten me a lot of “so are you mexican?” in my day.

        • Teh_Das says:

          Or it could be that Tracy is full of hate, and just saying things to be racist.

          • Jerichow says:

            I’m with Teh_Das on this one, I think Tracy is just being a bitch on this one, taking a stab at Miranda like that. And I honestly don’t think she really likes Nate given this; remember… this isn’t Manga, the rule of “rip on the ones you like” does not always apply here and this comic has proven many times to step beyond the boundaries of ‘normality’ and provide something superior to what other comics try to provide.

    • Neil says:

      You know, when I saw this, the only possibility that occurred to me is that Tracy thought it was funny to *pretend* to think that…

  15. BunnyRemix says:

    Oh, I love Miranda. She’s so understanding. Tracy, on the other hand, can go to hell with Steve’s old 1987 Chrysler Convertible.

  16. Chris says:

    Why doesn’t Nate just have sex with both of them? If he does, hell, I won’t complain. ;-)

  17. Shirokiba says:

    seems like everyone else hates Tracy, too. Well, I suppose that’s how the character written up, keeps things interesting.

  18. Weimann says:

    Time for Nate to whip out the kung fu on her ass.

  19. The Kingpin says:

    Oooooh, imma get my slapping glove warmed up coz that bitch is admins for a nice hand shaped welt on her cheek. I’m sorry, I went off they’re for a while. Nick I love what your doing keep it up. Been with you all the way. Love the characters and especially the new girl person she seems nice. That’s mainly why I dislike that annoying bitcg who looks like she ain’t wearing pants.

    Finally I believe the moral of this strip is… ‘Bitches be crazy.’

  20. I was right, Tracy _is_ jealous of Nate’s potential lovers. She wants him so bad, but doesn’t know how to express it. Sad, really.

    • Jeri says:

      Nah, I think she just acts like a bitch naturally. This isn’t the typical comic/manga; Nick has proven more than once to step out of the box on some of the most cliche points in stories and bring us something totally opposite. I think he made her a bitch so we have people to hate, because in any story, there are always more people to share your hatred with than just one….

  21. Panchocheesecake says:

    Hello bitch, this is fist. Fist, meet bitch.

  22. CC says:

    She always reminded me of the monsters in my Old D&D source books, under “Always neutral evil”

  23. By golly, it IS Tuesday, isn’t it?

    As in, “See you next Tuesday.”

  24. WTF!!! says:

    She wants his babies she’s gonna try and pull something

  25. yoga says:

    I think this is a bit beyond anything that Tracy has done before and when something is different then you find the reason.

    In this case I think the reason is that she wants Nate and so said something completely out of line. I know I have been in the same place and said something that wasn’t acceptable at all (yeah is was racist and I was jealous). I think that what will happen off camera is that Tracy will calm down later and say ‘Why did I say that?” and feel really really terrible.

    As for the other people in the store, just because she doesn’t want to jump their bones doesn’t mean she is a racist. I mean I seem to always end up with White girls even though I get on really well with everyone, it just happens. I mean, doesn’t everyone go where the stark is? Do you just hook up with everyone whether or not you are interested in them? (Oh, and she directly works with Nate. So she would see much more of him than the others anyway)

  26. Elkian says:

    Wow, what a racist bitch.

    And I don’t even swear.

  27. Miriamele says:

    I was just using stumble upon, it took me where I saw a small banner add for TG. This is the comic it took me too.

    Kinda nice that your ads are working, right? : )

  28. Mark says:

    Bitch needs a dose of Treasure Type O.

  29. Krendall says:

    Oh…my…God! I don’t care how much trouble I’d get in, I’d slap Tracy for that one.

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