Arne just can’t let old habits die.


Nate: FUCKING TRACY! She KNEW I had shit to do that night! Where is she? I’m going to put a verbal foot up her ass.
Arne: Gone.

Nate: What?
Arne: She’s not on the manager schedule again until Friday. Guess you’ll have to take it up with her then.
Nate: FUCK!

Arne: If it makes you feel any better, when she comes back she’ll find I’ve left a little SURPRISE for her in her desk.

(Tracy aghast at the sight of black pubic hair in her hairbrush)

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  1. Sean says:

    Holy shit, I cannot believe I actually got the reference without clicking the link.

  2. One Manic Ninja says:

    Mmmmmm Pubes! (umm… couldn’t he trade a shift with someone?)

  3. Pure. Fucking. Awesome.
    I’d love to see it taken to the next level – get some pubes on her toothbrush.

  4. Dr. wonderful says:

    …In Tv trope terms, I believe that Counts as a Brick Joke.

    Maybe even a Callback.

    • p. observer says:

      i don’t think i would count it as either it’s not a call back because the phrase (or something similar) “remember that time when” was never implied and it’s not really a brick joke because the older comic wasn’t a setup for this comic as a punchline. this is just an added bonus for the longtime readers (yay fanservice) i hope that all made sense

  5. the man who can says:

    I think Tracy may have reasons for scheduling him and her on Friday… maybe i’m just being hopeful for an odd story arc. We’ll see wont we.

  6. Nick says:

    …I thought he’d ripped most of the teeth out of her brush. But I see from the above comments that it is something far more…devious…than that.

  7. Chris K says:

    If I were him, I’d trade shifts with Purvous!

  8. Jack says:

    Is that my old hairbrush?

  9. Weimann says:

    Wait, how did Tracy know he had stuff to do Friday? Didn’t they just plan the date like half an hour ago?

  10. Tom NC says:

    Funny that I was just thinking that it had been a long time since we’d seen Tracy after reading Wednesday’s comic. Good to see her again.

  11. Keith Bradley says:

    Hairbrush is funny ….. but if it was her tooth brush …. that would be hilairious :-)

    • Nick says:

      It would be, but how many people really brush their teeth at work?

      • Isis says:

        I brush my teeth at work. Anyway, that aside, your comic has just found a new fan all the way in the Caribbean. I saw your ad, read one, got hooked and read the archives, all the way through. Your comic is kick-ass! Keep on doing a great job.

  12. The Kingpin says:

    Ha love if. is it a Pube-brush? (brush that has pubes on it?) oh and love the title I’ve read all of the comics titles and descriptions and they’re amazing! Hope you keep it up your an inspiration!

  13. metalangel says:

    Several people brush their teeth while at my workplace. However…

    I walked into the men’s restroom the other day at work (proper sized one, with a shower stall in a separate cubicle, two urinals, three toilet stalls, sinks, etc) and was confronted by a big fat dude, shirt off, SHAVING, with foam and everything, in one of the sinks.

    I was so shocked I actually stopped with a jolt. He cheerfully greeted me, and I asked why the hell he had his shirt off, was he about to shave his chest too?

    • Tssha says:

      …he took his shirt off because he doesn’t want to get hair on it?

      Seriously, a guy only has to shave once with his shirt on to realize it’s a bad idea. Especially if it’s a white shirt.

      …unless you’re blonde, in which case you could legitimately miss seeing it for awhile.

      • metalangel says:

        I have shaved ‘with foam’ with my shirt on, being careful. If I wanted to do it without a shirt, fine, but I sure as heck wouldn’t do it at work. Work bathoom is slightly different from health club locker room, IMHO.

  14. Jtech says:

    at least she saw it before Using it XD

  15. Marie says:

    Revenge of the pubes!

  16. BunnyRemix says:

    Karma’s a bitch, and so is Tracy.

    I remember that pube gag. Truth be told, I was hoping it’d come back the minute we all forgot about it. Jokes like taht are the best, and thsi certainly delivered. LOL

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