Ahh, that’s better. Nate looked weird happy.


Arne: You’re looking pretty chipper for a guy whose ex is now fucking around.
Nate: I have a date this Friday!

Nate: We’re off to a great start, too. I’m finally going to do something like a normal person!

Arne: Friday night, huh? Might want to take another look at that front end schedule.

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  1. Sean says:

    Ah hell, I knew it was going too smoothly. -_-

    • Lazruth says:

      Seriously. You think by now with all the bs that’s happened to him, the moment something goes right he’d be pulling out an umbrella, getting ready for the crap about to fall on him.

  2. Ooh, ouch. Maybe she’ll reschedule? Or they could have lunch.

  3. RotSman says:

    Moms has been a cashier for 20+ years now…I grew up with this crap. *pounds chest* Stay strong, soul brother Nate!

  4. Mike says:

    Fun fact: the Ratchet & Clank video game that came out last year was originally going to be called Ratchet & Clank: Clock Blockers, but Sony nixed it. When I saw the title of the comic, I quite enjoyed the play on words but was also saddened about what might have been….

    • Josh says:

      After Going Commando and Up Your Arsenal, I really can’t see why Sony went all prude on us. Clock Blockers was a perfectly good name. I used to work at Game Stop and parents never got those names, then I would laugh at them when they brought the games back because “This really isn’t appropriate for little Timmy.” I didn’t work there long…

  5. N8 says:

    Tracy, you no good….

    Also, in regards to your Twitter post, Nick, I’m thinking about leaving my state ASAP, since its residents are stupid enough to elect a guy that worships Aqua Buddha to the Senate. FML.

  6. Same Ol' Bob says:

    I imagine in that last panel, Nate’s mind is screaming, “MOTHERFUCKER.”

    As a grocery store clerk, I know the feeling all too well. Scarily enough, Tracy looks like the old manager that used to be there, and has the personality of the assistant manager.

  7. MeestaShane says:

    Two things:
    #1: So true to life. When you have a chance for a hot date, you (or where your brain is at this point) kind of forgets that there’s the boring life to consider.
    #2: Love that orange-crushing last panel. Well done, Nick.

  8. Surachinen says:

    is it just me, or does nate look like he could be the manager’s brother? or evil twin?

  9. Jerichow says:

    lol Karma’s a bitch :]

  10. Tia says:

    I would have rather seen him squish a banana. It could have hit Purvous in the eye.

  11. Toaster says:

    Floating schedules are pretty much the worst ever. EVER.

  12. heiligkind says:

    @n8 which state is that? and please don’t move to florida. we have enough racists already. kkthxbye

    • The Revolting Nutsack says:

      He’s referring to Kentucky, who just elected Rand Paul as Senator. Back in college, Paul was involved in a fraternity prank in which they “kidnapped” a willing female (who was in on the prank), then took her to a stream to worship “Aqua Buddha” in a mock pagan ceremony. Paul’s opponent, Jack Conway, ran an attack ad saying he was anti-religion and worshipped weird gods.

      Even NBC and Matt Lauer, who are as liberal as you can get, roasted Conway over the coals for the ad, so take that for what you will.

      Also, boobs.

  13. Crestlinger says:

    Strong grip to crush an orange that quick lol

  14. the kingpin says:

    what’s that in nate’s bosses hand? is it a scanner?

  15. OverlordLaharl79 says:

    While Pedro thought he could get date with new girlfriend, work screws Pedro over! Pedro’s tears are falling like waterfalls! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

  16. Crane says:

    Can’t he just go back and say, “Hey I just noticed I was scheduled for Friday, could we possibly make it another time?”

  17. BunnyRemix says:

    Can’t he just reschedule things? Surely they can work things out.

  18. Jtech says:

    Line for the Last Panel: “FFFFFFFUUUUUUUUCCCCCCC.!!!!!….”

  19. Curator says:

    Those who have asked why he cant just reschedule ,have obviously not worked retail before… first, they NEVER let you reschedule unless another person is willing to trade shifts with you, and even then, you gotta have a nice boss who is on the ball to make sure it actually even gets switched in time, which is a big deal if you use an electronic sign in, like with wal-mart…

  20. MomoB91 says:

    If you read this backward, it’s about a guy who was angry about working on friday, but his friend fills in for him, so he decides to go on a date.

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