Boondocks “Crossover”

A strip-hack that strokes my own ego, and Nate’s. Kinky!

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  1. randomthinker says:

    actually there is evidence that jesus might have actually existed they found the plaque of the guy who was said to be the judge at his trial

    • Not to be an ass, but that alone doesn’t mean Jesus existed.

      Anyway, that’s a NICE strip. I like how Nate says “the government is lying to me about a hell of a lot more than just 9/11.” So true.

      • Dave says:

        That Jesus existed isn’t really a debate. We’re as sure of that as we are of anything that happened 2000 years ago. Even historians hostile to him acknowledge that he existed. The more relevant question is whether he was who he said he was, i.e. the Son of God, and whether he was raised from the dead.

  2. The Crazed Assassin says:

    Of course Jesus existed….
    He was in my 2nd grade class ^_^

  3. D4rkLigh7 says:

    I had Jesus follow me though most of the school years. Although he was Hispanic, go figure.

  4. The Dane says:

    The Dane says Devil and 9-11 rhyms (<– not sure how that's spelled)

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