Shishio and Henshin – The Damon Series #1

A guest strip series by Shishio (writer, formerly of the webcomic One-Liners) and Henshin (artist.)

These guys helped me out a lot during one of my many self-induced hiatuses in the early years of the comic. Unfortunately I have nothing to link to for either of them these days, but their work remains here to entertain and dismay!

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Emma – Nate

Holy shit, someone drew Nate! Patting each other on the back is always nice. When you’re not fighting a nasty sunburn, that is.

I seem to have lost all contact info for the artist other than her first name and former site the Hemmerblog, which is now defunct. Hey Emma, if you’re reading this – reach out so I can get you properly linked!

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Philip A. Lagas-Rivera – Morning Rose

My friend Phil of Shallow End Press offers his, um, unique vision of Rose.

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Matt Adams – Troubled Purvous

My friend Matt Adams mentioned this once. I thought it would be great in Purvous’s voice, so a strip-hack it became. GO TEAM VENTURE!

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Landon Fitzgerald – Moving Day

A buddy of mine sent this in when I needed a guest strip while moving. Thanks, Landon! Check out his comic Welcome Back to Roxboro.

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