Out Of Character!

Even though I always knew TG was primarily a story-based comic, that didn’t stop me from dabbling in gag-a-day hijinks. However, looking back on the archive, there are some comics that don’t have a clear place in the storyline, or reference a movie that came out in 2006 or 2011 like it’s brand new.

Also, I’m human and make mistakes. There is a story arc here from 2004 that I later figured out didn’t work and was in particularly poor taste (and that’s a pretty high bar considering this is TG we’re talking about.)

They’re still good comics (more or less), but they don’t belong in the main archive. This is a place for those!

December 31st New Year’s Special – Workplace Restroom Etiquette
October 5th The Social Netjerk
July 16th Much Better
July 2nd Twiblight
April 19th Steve’s Inappropriate Children’s Stories
March 16th Preparations (Snakes On A Plane)
January 27th Superhero Turf War (Superman Returns)
January 26th My Super Ex-Boyfriend (Superman Returns)
April 1st Psych (Original Text)
March 1st Could Be Worse
January 19th Yaoi Explained
January 15th Confrontation
January 12th Hidden Gem