Steve's Inappropriate Children's Stories

Steve’s Inappropriate Children’s Stories

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  1. woop17 says:

    If I had kids, I would show this to them.

  2. jef says:

    Dude I did time with Dick, only he told me he pistol wiped Jim and then fucked Jim in the ass.
    Moral never say “Fuck you!” to a man holding a 45 to your head having just been caught ‘boffing’ his wife, in their bed.

  3. Meestashane says:

    Ha ha, you said “I did time with Dick”

    Wait, didn’t I consider myself sophisticated or something?

  4. Stephen says:

    hehe little bastards

  5. Jtech says:

    “Kids, this was my Favorite story when i was growing up.” XD

  6. A Guy Named Ferret says:

    this is in my top three next to “the little puppy and the big road” and “little timmy and the landmine” stories that i will be passing on to my kids when i have them

  7. MrAmazlingtons says:

    Aww, I was waiting for a “see jane’s dick” joke.

    Still wasnt dissapointed :D

  8. John Madden says:

    More inappropriate story time with Steve!

  9. Hinoron says:

    You know Nick, clicking the Next button on the previous page skips over this comic, going straight to #91. Is that deliberate? O.o

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