Yaoi Explained

Yaoi Explained

Disclaimer: I started doing this comic a LONG time ago, when I was much younger and dumber. This comic arc and the subsequent followup was something I did way back in 2003, when I thought that homophobia was a lot funnier than it actually is. This storyline plays it off for laughs and never highlights the fact that it’s an immensely shitty way to be a human being, so I decided to remove it from the archive. That said, the 3rd comic in particular ended up being pretty popular, so the arc now lives in the Out of Character section.

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  1. tralalara says:

    Yeah. And real lesbians are fat and would never invite you to a threesome. The not-fat girls that make out with each other only do it so guys will notice them.

  2. randomthinker says:

    @tralalara … they are lesbians for a reason they only like girls and i doubt all lesbians are fat just most of the ones around your area are and as far as the fakes, well you get those types in almost every “type” of people be it lesbian gay bisexual emo goth etc. they are called attention whores for a reason

  3. Azure says:

    I happen to know that lesbians come in all shapes and sizes.

    • jack says:

      challenge accepted

      green and square.

      pix or it didnt happen.

      • Geez says:

        If you think I’m gonna share by green-and-square lesbian action keyhole vids, yer crazy.

      • Jonny The Eyepatch says:

        Technically, she (he? Azure seemed a little feminine, no offense.) didnt say color. Only shape/size, so try 7 foot squares.

    • Hinoron says:

      I’ve known a handful lesbians; none were fat.

      In fact, all were fairly attractive, and even more importantly, had good personalities, sharp, witty senses of humor, and didn’t pick fights over little, stupid things.

      In other words, just about perfect.

      God fucking dammit! T_T

  4. Sara E. says:

    I love the line in the last panel…

    And Tralalara, not all lesbians are fat or unattractive, and just because they don’t invite YOU to threesomes doesn’t mean they don’t invite other lesbians. ;D

  5. Sammie says:

    hahahahahaha rofl that’s great I’ve never heard it explained that way. *coughs*

    Hey that is why we like it, for once the guy get’s to feel like the. . . *whistles*

    Kudo’s man, kudo’s this made me laugh I love it.

  6. Allen the not-so-wise says:

    It’s like the guy in jail that says butt blanking another guy is all about POWER!!!
    No, it’s all about being GAY!
    If you do anything sexual with another guy, you are gay.

    If you are a girl and do anything sexual with another girl, you are GAY!
    And I want to watch!

    • Ninj4Nick says:

      Actually, prison rape can be done – and often is – as a sign of dominance and ownership. I’ve had friends in prison, and I’ve heard the stories. I know what I’m talking about.

      • Pink freud says:

        no…if you are *IN* prison, and bleeding out your asshole, you know what you are talking about. All you know is the stories your freaky friends told you so that you would think them more hardcore

    • Me :3 says:

      Actually, it is (mostly) about the dominance. The same thing happens in the wild with animals. It’s purely about showing the other males who is alpha, setting out the pecking order. You should learn the facts before shooting your mouth off.

      Also, just because sexual activity has been done between two people of the same gender does not make them gay. They could simply be experimenting.

    • ViviWannabe says:

      Um, not exactly. Sexuality has to do with who you find attractive, not who you have sex with. A gay guy who has sex with women before he comes out of the closet is not bisexual, he’s GAY. The fact that he has previously had sex with women (and probably didn’t enjoy it) has nothing to do with it.

    • Nick Wright says:

      This is complete bullshit. Sex is what you make of it. You’re gay if that’s the conclusion you’ve come to about your sexual identity, and if so more power to you. The world could use fewer breeders.

  7. Brendan says:

    lol, trollz are the hilarious.

    I’m so glad that I don’t do that outside of real life anymore. It’s too easy to forget that the internet doesn’t come with the “I’m just kidding, people” face.

  8. Just a Small Town Girl says:

    … Yeah that pretty much hit the nail on head as for us girls like yaoi.

  9. Yaoi chick says:

    Actually, it’s a little bit of both in real life. There are both the gay sex that is like bears fighting over KFC and there is tender sex between beautiful boys. It’s generally referred to as “twinks love” and resembles yaoi quite a bit.

    Another comment… homosexuality in the animal kingdom isn’t always about dominance but certainly can be. Lions are known to be one of few animals that is about 40% homosexual and solely for pleasure purposes. Goats are also commonly homosexual.

    The obsession with yaoi with heterosexual girls is strange… I think it’s because it’s a type of forbidden love that makes it appealing. Like the comic reveals, yaoi generally speaking, focuses more on a relationship between two men versus just being gay porn where two guys fuck each other.

    I think there are also more hetero men out there who enjoy yaoi then will dare admit and blame their girlfriends. It’s true… I know it is…

  10. Facepalm says:

    Wow…. Just wow…. All i can say

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