Hidden Gem

Hidden Gem

Disclaimer: I started doing this comic a LONG time ago, when I was much younger and dumber. This comic arc and the subsequent followup was something I did way back in 2003, when I thought that homophobia was a lot funnier than it actually is. This storyline plays it off for laughs and never highlights the fact that it’s an immensely shitty way to be a human being, so I decided to remove it from the main archive. That said, the 3rd comic in particular ended up being pretty popular, so the arc now lives in the Out of Character section.

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  1. danielle says:

    *snorts* ai no kusabi?
    Isn’t that a yaoi? XDDD

  2. Reese says:

    gay anime?

  3. Ranger67 says:

    It could have been worse, It could have been one that included bondage and understandable things that should never go in reverse.

  4. solEDGE says:

    Ok I made the MISTAKE of going directly to the anime 4 wikiing it…FUCK MY EYES!

  5. Dan says:

    Heh. That means ‘Love Wedge.’

  6. Parry says:

    oh god…

  7. Oxford says:

    Hmmm… From Wikipedia: This futuristic tale is set in a world where men are assigned various social classes based on their hair color. Iason Mink, a high-class “Blondie”, runs into Riki, a black-haired “Mongrel”, and makes him his “Pet.” As Riki learns of the dangers Iason faces by keeping him, he finds himself developing feelings for his master. Focusing on the ill-fated love between Iason and Riki, Ai no Kusabi also explores issues of caste systems and social exclusion.

    Interesting. Could be an interesting story, theme-wise. But I ain’t watching no bishies bumping uglies.

  8. Rubi says:

    Holy fuck. I LOVE this anime. It’s my all-time favorite BL. Oooh, the art, the story…it’s barely pornographic at all, and it’s so beautifully tragic…..Also, very realistic for an Anime. I love their eyes.

  9. TechUnadept says:

    love the expressions
    D: o_0

  10. TG is Still Alive says:

    Where are the comics for this??? Did they get deleted??

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