Networked (NSFW)

Networked (NSFW)

No, I have not adopted an “every other comic is NSFW” policy.



Steve: What’s with the catatonia, man?
Nate: Things have been pretty crazy for me lately.

Steve: I guess fucking the boss would get pretty sticky. Pun intended.
Nate: Jesus, does EVERYONE know about that? How did you find out?
Steve: I’ve got connections.

[Steve, Jimi, Beth and Nina on a rollercoaster, the latter two flashing their breasts]

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  1. Good says:

    Didn’t see that coming.

  2. The Negro Guy says:

    The Negro Guy says awesomes!!!

  3. Wyatt says:


  4. Hooray for family fun.

    But will that result in partner swapping or a four-some?

  5. Minty-Phresh says:

    Anyone else amazed at her Nina’s ability to make her tattoo magically disappear?

  6. Brooklyn Red Leg says:

    Anyone else think that Mom looks like she’s about to chuck her cookies?

  7. RotSman says:

    That’s the most fun family ever.

  8. Bubbaclaw says:

    Well tits rank pretty high in my book Nick and if I could I’d shake your hand for it. :]

  9. Minty-Phresh says:

    The way Jimmy was talking before, I figured this was just a one-night stand. Guess he found something in Nina he liked.

    “in Nina” see what i did there?

  10. cryptic.raevn says:

    Security guard to Nina: “What would your mother think?”

  11. Phyll says:

    I don’t think very many readers of this would be too hurt if you did adopt that policy.

    Or if you were subjected to the “NSFW everyday” clause.

  12. 4 says:

    Seriously, sometimes the comments are almost as funny the comic.

    But if there was a diologe in that comic, I think it might go like this.

    Steve: Dude!
    Jimmy: I know.
    Steve: Just thought of this, couldn’t we get in trouble for public indecency?
    Jimmy: …Hmm, you’ve got a point there man. But since there aren’t any camera’s anywhere it’s chill.

    Rose’s mom: Something tells me I shouldn’t have had that drink before coming here.

    Maybe not, but hey, it could happen.

  13. Keith says:

    I really hope you show what happened after he broke the big news

  14. Lexy says:

    Just occurred to me… what does Nate mean by “everybody”? Were people aware before he blurted it out?

  15. Teh_Das says:

    That brofist is awesome. It is more awesome than Broseidon, king off the brocean

  16. Terashi88 says:

    Milf Tits. I agree with this comic.

  17. strat714 says:

    Is that a head in mom’s lap?

    • Mujaki says:

      No, I believe that’s her shirt. The daughter pulled hers up, the mother pulled down.
      Of course, as an avid amusement park fan, I can tell you that there is NO way they’d be allowed to purchase that souvenir… Now, the park employee working the photo booth as a screener for just this sort of situation? They’re not _supposed_ to keep the images, but then, people aren’t supposed to do allllll sorts of things. That end up on the internet. Or a grand jury.

  18. Ginger says:

    It’s a world of laughter, it’s a world of tears…

  19. Rock says:

    o_o What really startles me is that Nina is far enough gone that she’d flash alongside her mom. Most girls wouldn’t, right? As for Nina and Rose’s mom… Meh, I bet she was sloshed already, she has that ‘dulled’ look.

    So… Steve and Rose’s mom are a semi-item right now? Or at least sex buddies?

    • Jyrki says:

      I was wondering about that, too. What happened at/after Rose’s B-daysuit party felt more like a one-time thing, if you ask me. May be both of them are out of options?

  20. BriGuy says:

    I would have loved to have been there when this picture came up on the preview screen for all to see. XD

  21. Dr. wonderful says:

    Is it sad to think that Beth has a sexy smile? Then again I like all Milf(s)
    or Mits as it were my good man.


  22. Darrell says:

    You know, it occurs to me, that if Jimi told Steve, Nina or her mother could have over heard, and I’m betting Nina would tell Rose. I wonder how Rose reacts to Nate fucking Tracy.

  23. pink freud says:


  24. That Jewish Dude says:

    This reminds That Jewish Dude of the time that he flipped off the cameras on this one roller coaster. That Jewish wish that he could have kept the picture.


    • Pink Freud says:

      Jewish Dude really wishes Security would let him back into the park again after said picture was taken….

  25. Oberon says:


  26. Pink Freud says:

    Last!!! (I can do this all night)

  27. Pink Freud says:


    This is going to get real annoying, real F’ing fast

  28. The Negro Guy says:

    The Negro Guy says Just to annoy you further Pink Freud, last.

  29. Oberon says:

    Lokitsu: Winning!!
    Pink Freud: Last!!!
    The Negro Guy: Third person exposition as to why anyone else is not last.
    Oberon: Last!

  30. Anti says:

    I refuse to let anyone win such a ridiculous contest.

  31. immortalswat14 says:

    I to find this a ridiculous contest but will still comment to make people mad

  32. Darrell says:

    Contest, what contest? >:)

  33. Anti says:

    The contest to be last.

  34. Pink Freud says:

    It’s not so much a contest as a pillory.

    I’m poking gentle fun at those who insist of trying to be first. Naturally, the only way *ANYONE* will ever be last is if Nick quits the strip and takes down the archive as well… I think we all know *THAT* ain’t gonna happen anytime soon…

  35. Pink Freud says:

    So: As I was saying:


  36. Anti says:

    Not quite, for I am nothing if not persistent, or would it be consistent?
    A bit of both, I think.

  37. cyberjack07 says:

    I taught I taw a titty tat!

  38. Pink freud says:

    (Over a month later) LAST DAMMIT!!!!

  39. Tarako says:

    I like how everyone comments on the characters and such like they’re “real people”…xD of course that also says that I like to think of them like real people. :D I ussually weird people out when refferring to characters as separate entities in games but I never actually roleplay or anything often.
    Btw-how long did you have to study/redraw the feminine figure to get as good as you are?
    /I personally am terrible when it comes to female figures unless it’s sticklike and I can has bad times with big bossoms+hips+booty areas D:/

    • Nick Wright says:

      Thanks! I’ve only drawn sporadically before TG. Over the past year, it has kept me practicing for a longer period of consecutive time than I’ve ever done before. I think the best advice I can give is to draw every day and use references. Yes, you have artistic license to look at porn!

  40. Pink Freud says:

    three months later and I’m still determined to be last, dammit!

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